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Spinach Turkey Burgers

My awesome parents just gifted Adam and I a gas grill for Christmas!  Before that, our meals were grill-less which made backyard dinners and burger season in general quite uneventful.  Oven-baked burgers have been my way of compensating and these healthy turkey burgers are definitely a favorite.

I love this recipe because they are such a healthy option for lean protein and it's an easy way of getting more greens in my diet.  They are easily seasoned to your personal taste with ingredients like Italian salad dressing or Oregano and Basil.  Also be sure to check out our favorite bread recipe here that is easily made into hamburger buns for a completely homemade plate of deliciousness!
Spinach Turkey Burgers
// makes approximately 12 small burgers // 

1 lb ground turkey
1 small onion, finally chopped
2 c spinach, cooked until wilted and drained
1 egg
1 c oatmeal, ground in food processor to oat flour
1/2 t salt

Mix ingredients in a glass mixing bowl until completely combined.  Use large spoonfuls to created burger shaped patties.  Place in a parchment lined baking dish or large bar pan with sides.  Bake in 375 oven for 15 minutes.  Flip burgers and bake for another 5 or until done.

These are also super yummy when broken into pieces and used as salad topping.

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Last Thursday, I set up a last minute doctor's appointment because of a rapidly changing lump on my chest.  Before I knew it, I was scheduling a minor surgical procedure for later that afternoon to have -- what turned out to be -- a sebaceous cyst removed.  The doctor told me I will probably have a scar on my chest and there is a chance it could grow back.

I came home that night minus one cyst, plus one scar. . . courtesy of three big black stitches.  While I'm not the one to flash my chest to the entire world, therefore minimizing my need for a scar-less one, I'm not going to pretend I wasn't disappointed.  But Adam's about yet another flaw I will forever carry on my body?!

It will be a cute scar!  I will kiss it everyday. 

You guys.  This man!!  I am humbled and overwhelmed by the way I am unconditionally cherished and loved by him.  I can't think of one thing I could do that would make him cherish me less.  I can't loose these last few pounds of baby weight slow enough to make him less attracted to me.  I can't have enough emotional days to make him loose his desire to spend time together each evening.  He still looks at me like he did on our magical wedding day.  So much love.  So much adoration.

He humbles and teaches me with this quiet, constant love, because my personality is too quick to judge those around me.  Too quick to place value on the physical instead of strength of character.  Too quick to pull back when hurt and disappointed.  I had no idea how much I needed to grow in this area.  No idea that my own world would be rocked and changed by true unconditional love.

So I find hope in this new scar on my body.  Hope in a daily reminder to truly cherish the ones God has placed in my life.  Hope that someday I could learn to love in the deepest, truest way that I am each day by the sweet man I call my own.
- - -
Who do you feel the most loved and cherished by?!

// wedding and engagement photos by the gehmans.  i definitely cherish these memories! // 

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The Parcel Post Company // A Valentines Collection

I remember when I still lived at home, my mom would surprise each of us kids with a little gift collection on Valentines morning.  It was always simple things like pencils or socks and of course chocolate.  Always chocolate.  These memories are so special to me because even though it wasn't anything big, it was a reminder that she loved us and wanted to make our day special.

Valentines Day -- while really no different any other day of the year -- gives us a good excuse to show our favorite people just how much we love them.

To help you show some extra special thoughtfulness and love to your friends and family, I've created a limited edition collection of handmade items that give you an easy, affordable way to do just that.  Each item you will find below is $10 or less and would make perfect little gifts for a daughter, sister, or friend.

You can check out more photos and purchase these items over here in my shop.  Also stay close because I have a really simple, fun tutorial coming next week for creating lovely layered Valentines.

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Do you send out Valentines cards or gifts every year?!  If so, what are you favorite things to create?!

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Taking Stock // 01

I'm not evening going to pretend that I didn't copy this idea from my hilarious and gorgeous friend, Bridget.  Seriously, if you don't read her blog, you are missing out on some of blogland's best stuff.  Plus her adorable new baby's middle name is Emmett. . . what's not to love?!!

So here's a brief stepping back and taking stock of all the good stuff in our life right now.  No matter how tired or broke or busy we may be, we are so so blessed and I hope I never forget it.
- - - 
Making //  Banners and a few other surprises for a Valentine's edition of The Parcel Post Company that will be be available tomorrow!!
Cooking // These practically healthy Almond Butter Blondies for our girls craft night on Wednesday and lots and lots of quinoa.  Not together of course. . . 
Drinking // Water water water because I'm desperately trying to get back to drinking a gallon a day.  Here are some wonderful tips that have helped me from the gorgeous Freckled Fox. 

Pinning // These adorable mini arrows and these vegan peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Reading // This book to Emmett more times than I can count.  I also just finished this book on parenting and I feel so encouraged to keep pursuing the hearts of our babies.
Wanting: To continue to get more efficient at blog and house work so I can spend more intentional time with the babies.
Looking // At this favorite Instagram feed. 
Playing // Lots of circus with Emmett and way too many episodes of Nashville while I'm up working late at night.
Eating // Not enough green veggies and too many dried mangos from Costco.
Wishing // For a big Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for our bedroom and some of these plates for Emmett.  
Enjoying // Far too many popcorn and mnm's with Adam late at night while we watch this show.
Loving // Gideon's two dimples right on his smile lines and the way that Emmett says 'yeaaaaaah' to every question he is asked.

Listening // Oceans Radio on Pandora.  And this adorable song by Us The Duo. 
Hoping // To have a date night with Adam this weekend.  Our schedule is way too insane right now.  I miss this boy more than words can explain. . . 
Needing // My car vacuumed out like last week.  My messy-car-stress-levels are at an all time high right now.
Smelling // A strawberry lemonade candle I bought last week to remind me of summer.  And lavender oil. . . give me all the lavender oil!
Feeling //  tired, but grateful.  always so grateful.
Wearing // way too many black leggings and tall lacy socks.
Following // My new favorite blog crush, Almost Makes Perfect, because obviously that's my daily M.O.

Noticing // That I get to easily obssessed with attaining perfection in my work instead of enjoying the simplicity of the process 
Bookmarking // This beautiful post about having more babies
^^ another great thing is that my sister is visiting from mexico this month so that means we get to do awesome things like costco runs and valentines craft nights together!! ^^ 

- - - 
If you were going to answer one of these questions right now, which would it be and what is the answer?!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to check out all the Valentines goodies that will be stocked in the shop!

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