On Mothering Wild + Free Children

so apparently all the cool kids are now raising their babies 'wild + free'.  search the hashtag wildandfreechildhood on instagram + a whole host of amazing, gorgeous, inspiring, beautiful places pop up, with little ones dressed in cooler clothes than i could ever hope to own.  <-- insert awkward-out-of-place-toothy-grin-emoji here <---
so of course like any good mama, the goal is wild + free children. . . i mean we all know too much screen time just veggies our brains, right?! yes yes + yes. but if i'm honest, it's really hard for me to stop the vortex of my mom/wife/business brain each day + just B.E. with these sweet boys out in nature.  it's hard for me to choose to deal with the messy clothes + muddy shoes + missed naps.

then something happened this fall. i was catching up on a bunch of writings via facebook by the gorgeous, inspiring, humble mother of eight, alyssa welch. she was talking about how everyone looks at her photos of river days + hiking trips + just thinks it comes easy for them. she proceeded to say how despite the poison ivy, the crying babies, the wet clothes, she just decided from the early years that she would make it a point to be outside with her little ones.
that hit home for me so so much. how many areas of our life simply take a choice.

a choice of walking outside instead of one more netflix
a choice of tenderness instead of impatience
a choice of adventure over predictable safely
a choice kind words over anger
a choice serving instead of waiting to be served
a choice of giving when i would rather take

day after day, hour after hour, moment moment we are given these choices + so much more.
so i just decided this fall that i would say yes to more nature. yes to the dirt + the mud + the inconvenience of chasing babies in the great outdoors.

and to be honest, we didn't spend every waking moment at the river. it was really just a handful of afternoons MORE than what i would have done before and for that, i felt grateful.  if you watched my recent vlog from last month, you will remember the lesson i am learning on not allowing perfection to become the enemy of good.  

i will always look back on the fall of 2015 + our special outdoor adventures with fondness. i will remember emmett sinking down with his shoes into mud along the creek. he couldn't have been happier playing trucks in the water.  i will remember gideon crawling crawling crawling towards the water. i will remember all the jumping photos i tried to take with my little sister aubrey + our freaking out at the snake that came slithering onto the rocks just as we were leaving.

this is the good stuff that makes the inconveniences all worthwhile.  so here's to all the amazing mamas,  that are most days stumbling through life, yet striving to raise adventurous wild + free children. you are doing a wonderful job no matter how your days look. xoxoxo
^^ using our little snack cups from nuby were so perfect for our outdoor adventures. all the snacks for grubby little fingers to grab + a spot to keep gideon's baby food. win win win! ^^ 

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This post is one of a small series I am doing in collaboration with Nuby Parent Blogger.  I am excited to be a on a small team of bloggers that get to share fun ways to use their baby and toddler products.  Even though Nuby supplied the baby food containers + stackable bowls, everything I said is my own opinion of course. 

You can get your own set of Garden Fresh Storage Pots from Buy Buy Baby here and the Wash or Toss Stackable Bowls at Meijers grocery stores. 

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Our Moving News ! ! !

surprise surprise surprise!!! if you follow me on instagram or we are friends in real life, you probably already know about our big move to los angeles in just a few weeks but many don't know the whole story.

so in case you want to get all caught up on what big changes are happening for our family this coming year, be sure to check out this vlog update that i made the day we made our big announcement.

are you in southern california or the surrounding areas?! i want to do some kind of girls meet up after the new year so be sure to send me an email if you want to join in.   xoxo

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Slaying The Enemy Of Perfection

hey friends! ahhhh!! it's been so so long. how are you all?!?!

i feel so so excited to reconnect with you all this week because i can't wait to share the amazing freedom + joy that has recently come to be in my heart + life.  the past two weeks, i was able to be part of a leadership summit that was the biggest game changer for my heart in a long long time + i'm excited to share little bits of this with you.
one of the big lessons i embraced the last two weeks has been freedom to truly value + run with exactly who God made me to be. i think this is something we all know in our heads but what a huge thing when it can actually lodge into our hearts, you know?! too often we spend our lives trying to work on our ever present weaknesses so much that we overlook all the areas we excel so naturally in. what a waste of these gifts God has given us.

soooooo this ties into blogging in a huge way because while i'm obsessed with this way of communicating + sharing what's on my heart throughout the week, i found this summer that it just wasn't in the cards to happen in the way that i wanted. so instead of closing up shop + letting perfection become the enemy of good, i've decided to share the same things with you through a different way of social media.

check out the video below for the whole scoop. . .

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and ps. in case you didn't notice, i'm a natural lower-case typer so we're just going to run with that one as well. haha 


Chemical Free Cleaning

I have officially decided that summers are meant for gloriously slow family time.  Unashamed disconnection from the big outside world of social media. . . except for the occasional poppings-in, you know?!

But ahhhh! September first is here and I am quite excited.  Before launching into anything else wonderful and fun, I wanted to extend a little invitation to you.
One of our big projects this summer has been slowly but surely, little by little purging our home of all the toxic yucky chemicals that are in everything from cleaners to make-up to baby products.  If you haven't downloaded the app, Think Dirty, I encourage you to do it right now and scan everything in your house.  It's frighteningly eye opening.

Thankfully essential oils and essential oil infused products from Young Living have provided the simplest way for us to change out those chemical-infused cleaners and products for natural, planted based ones.  You can see more of why we are excited about this here.
So to encourage other families to do the same, I am opening a chemical-free cleaning challenge to 10 of my blog readers/social media friends that will begin on September 13.  Together we are going to learning about plant based cleaning and purging our homes in a very inexpensive, simple way by using the highly concentrated, all purpose Thieves Household Cleaner.  See more on this product here. 

All you have to do is use this link to order either as a retail customer or distributor.   The 14.4oz bottle costs $28.95 or $22, respectively.  And because this is such a versatile cleaner, it can be used on everything from carpets to dishes, countertops to laundry for pennies a time.  It's also perfectly safe to use around little ones so they can help you clean!!  Win win win! haha

Once you order your bottle, let me know and I will be sure to have you added to the exclusive online forum where we will be challenging, encouraging and supporting each other during that week as we clean up our homes in a safe way.
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The improved Thieves® Household Cleaner has increased cleansing power and an even safer, more sustainable formulation. The new formula contains ingredients from renewable plant and mineral sources, vegetable-based surfactants, and even more Thieves and lemon essential oils for extra cleaning power. Bottle is 100% recyclable.

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