My Life in Boxes


So today Mr Fedex left a beautiful big package on our porch and I was quite delighted with how delicious everything was that I ordered.  Though it was a little discouraging to leave it all in the box as we really have no real place to put it.  
{I guess you'd like a little history to our house hunting expeditions}

 In the weeks leading up to our wedding, we spent a lot of time and energy pursuing a house that we thought could be purchased for a steal-of-a-deal.  I felt my faith being stretched as time slipped away and we still had no place to live.  Randomly {in a God-like way} we met up with old friends at a graduation party the Sunday before June 4 and they offered to let us live in their house while they were out of town for 6 weeks.  And as you can imagine, that 'steal-of-a-deal' just stole away and here we are occupying this big house by ourselves.  

I hate to admit this, but it's been a little hard going from honeymoon to friend's house {as horrifically ungrateful as that sounds}  All those nice gifts you gave us for our wedding are neatly packed piled up in my bedroom back home.  I sometimes feel a little guilty for not being more excitedly grateful for the gift of free housing for a month.  I feel like I should be more carefree and cheering on the adventures.  I mean this is what newly married people do, right?!  Why do I care that our next place of residence is still unknown?  That all the good options to have crawled under a rock, never to be found?  Why am I aching over tomorrow while today I have everything I need?

The last two weeks have reminded me again that my identity and fulfillment have to be in Christ.  Opportunities to wait on Him are never ending.  Patience is still a virtue.  God is still big.  Still powerful. Still able to provide.  Still working when everything seems to stand still around me.  

Typing all of these things seems rather trite, but they are the remindings I need every day.  So while half of our life is in boxes and it feels like I've been living out of a suitcase for years, I thankful that in God's graciousness He is teaching me again to fully trust and let Him provide in the perfect way that only He can.

- - - 

{PS though, I am super excited to use all the awesome gifts you've given.  I really really am!}

{PSS.  In other random household news, we had our first house guests tonight and it went quite smashingly.  From our group custom-calzone event to the delicious fruit salad my friend brought to watching the intense scenes from Casino Royale, Adam and I quite like playing house like grown-ups!  Do you want to come over next?!}


  1. We are absolutely incredibly H O N O R E D to recognize our very own dining room windowsill in the photo! ::chuckles:: Of course, your new blog is so awesome! We just love seeing it all......me and Chels sat here oohing and ahhing.......laughing.....and just loving your sweet up in the clouds style of writing. Yes, we just feel the love in each word you write! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! We were totally bummed to miss your wedding, but seeing the pictures made us feel in a little way as though we were there. Keep the posts coming......we love it!!!
    ~Allison (and Chels looking over my shoulder says Hi, too)

  2. Sign us up! Or, you can come over here to play too. We like ALL the James Bond movies, btw, and would gladly watch any of them with you. :)