Today I


:: Drove Hubs to work early {well, early for my new schedule of official 'wife'} so I could have the car
:: Used a massively generous gift card to Crate & Barrel to order left over items on our registry {my absolute new fav store, btw}
:: Busted out two miles on the elliptical machine while waiting for Tim to finish basketball practice
:: Drove home and spent the day with the awesome sib set
:: Ate too large an amount of my most favorite comfort food {mac-n-cheese}  I've eaten this stuff in so many places around the world and it never fails to make my heart all warm and fuzzy.
:: Curled up on the couch to soothe aching stomach from too much of said comfort food
:: Fell asleep
:: Took a tiny walk with the kids and then wimped out quickly from from the 'heat' and 'hill'
:: Came home and house-hunted on my handy-dandy laptop
:: Picked up Hubs and felt super bad for his body that is riddled with poison ivy {seriously pray for the poor boy.  we are currently running through the anti-itch cream like it's going out of style}
:: Decided that's enough for this new wife to accomplish in one day.  I shall cuddle and comfort said Hubs for the rest of the night



  1. Can i just say i {love} the people in the last pic!?!? Seriously.

    Sooo diggin' you're new blog.

    I love you.

  2. Mmm. Love mac and cheese! One of my favorite perks with babysitting/nannying is the mac and cheese for lunch:-) xoxo

  3. I feel like I have so much in common with this post and what you did today!

    I also got up earlier than normal and took my husband to school so I could have the car.

    I *DIED* from the heat today.

    I felt bad for my husband when I picked him up because he twisted his ankle yesterday and has been hobbling around :(

    oh yeah, and I love mac n cheese too :)

    Notes She Wrote

  4. i decided to be random and go back to a couple of your very first posts! :) this pic of you and your sibs is too cute!