10 Things To Love From Our Weekend

{1} Being big grown ups and going on our first mini vaca together  {Ok it was only 3 hours into Minnesota, but this is a big step people, a big step.}
{2} Gooey chocolate chip cookies to stuff ourselves with while driving.
{3} Big hugs from my favorite Hedden people.  Yes.  I really think I want to be adopted by them.
{4} A trip to the 'Riv' {in the zero-air-conditioned-car, no less} where we went bridge jumping into the murky waters below.  It was really quite the experience.  Complete with me contracting some kind of eye/skin infection that left me with a burning sensation for days.  Lovely.
{5} Listening to the latest Brian Reagan and laughing to the dangerous point of wetting our pants.
{6} Half-Apps at Applebees for our Saturday night dinner and table games that left one person chugging a packet of salt.  {Poor Rachel, you should have cheated at the game like I did to protect yourself.}
{7} Watching the boys make plans to use brute force to break a limb off a tree and the hanging, swinging and shorts ripping that followed.
{8}  Dreaming about all we could do if we lived in Kunming together.
{9} Getting a bed covered in rose petals with a bottle of sparkling juice compliments of 'The Hedden Hotel'.  Almost like Honeymoon Two ... except for all the small children that were present in the house. Ahem.
{10} Lastly and definitely not leastly was listening to Hubs make an offer on the phone for our {possibly} very first grown-up, big house.  Gosh.  It's like we've gone from children to adults overnight.

{PS} Wish us luck, the verdict is in tonight.  Who knows, I could be blogging soon about all kinds of adult things like painting and cleaning and lawn mowing and everything else that big people do.


  1. congrats on making an offer on a house :) good luck!!

  2. I LOVE being a grown up with Kelton! It's so much fun! Incidentally, I keep on trying to "follow" you with my google account, and it keeps NOT showing up on my feed. Am I doing something wrong? Lol