Our Very Own 427


Well kids, we've gone and done it.  Gone and got ourselves a big 'ole house.  A house that we could fill with a million little blonde and red babies and never run out of room.  A house that is big enough we could invite all the cousins and aunts and uncles and sibs over to and have royal good parties.  A house that has lots of walls that I can't wait to paint delicious colors.  A house that the Hubs and I get to call all our own.  

We are so blessed.  {And yes, a little bit scared!}

Our goal was to find a place that was priced to fit our newly-married-budget.  {Translation: the-budget-where-you-live-on-love-and-not-big-paychecks}  A place that we could invest money into rather than throwing to the wind for rent every month.  A place that could be a blessing to others.  A place we could come home to between trips to China or California or anywhere else the wind blows us.

We became quite the experts at all the questions to ask when house hunting 
"So tell me, how many years does this roof still have?  How about the water heater?  What would you recommend fixing up to make this place more sell-able? ... ..."  
We learned so much and laughed more times than you want to know over our pure ignorance when it comes to houses and loans and realtors.  Ahhh... open mouth, insert foot.

It was beginning to get a little discouraging as we look at multiple house that were absolute dumps just in our price range.  It was starting to feel like that little apartment above the General Store was gonna be our new little money-hole home.  

But would you believe that in a way that only God can, we got a tip on Thursday about some home owners who were desperate to sell their 2200 square foot home, looked at it that night, made an offer Friday, talked to the bank and filled out paperwork on Monday, agonized over the indecisive owners on Tuesday and had the offer accepted on Wednesday.  

Can I hear somebody shout out a war-whoop for God?!  He faithfully comes through again.  Duh, like that's a surprise.  And the incredible thing is that the house fits our needs so perfect.  The upstairs has already been turned into a second apartment and so this fall we will be looking for renters, which will help this newly-married-budget out immensely.  And as our family grows in the coming years, we will already have a home that fits our needs.  I couldn't have even asked God for something more perfect.

He's pretty awesome... I'm not gonna lie.
{the hubs is pretty awesome too. also true story}



  1. Oh my gosh... congratulations!! How exciting!! That is such a picture perfect home! You are so lucky :)
    And I LOVE your hair! So gorgeous!

  2. How exciting! And your hair is phenomenal. Loving your blog! So glad I found it!

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  3. Congrats on your house, it looks huge!! My husband are looking to buy in Iowa right now, Love their older homes!