the boy is a genius


Today was the glorious start to our long weekend, kicked of with sleeping in and breakfast waffles.  {i think we are setting a trend or something}  After our big trip to the bank to set up our join accounts {yay for oneness!} and the viewing of a teeny tiny little starter house in Kalona {could we really live in less than 500 square feet?!} it was decided that the squeaking brakes needed immediate attention.

Can you believe this boy?!  He washes dishes, hangs up his clothes, gives the most amazing neck massages AND he fixes cars.  Gollygeewizz is he a keeper or what?!  I'm a lucky girl.

Meanwhile I am {like any good wife} nursing a pounding headache back to health by holding down the couch with my trusty laptop, a cup of water and a bag of chocolate chips.  

Speaking of nursing things back to health, do you see poor Hub's massive rash on his legs?  Yes.  We are still itching like ten dogs with fleas as we both try to get over this attack of poison ivy.  Ahhh...  the joys of married life and sharing everything.

Thankfully we have big things to look forward to for what's left of the weekend.  Sunday evening is my cousin's very own humongous, world-famous exciting 'Kohlrabi Fest' {more on that next week} AND of course our very own country's birthday party on Monday.  I think sparklers and star-shaped sugar cookies are in order.  


  1. Kohlrabi festival, eh? Sounds fascinating. I was going to see if you guys wanted to come to the fireworks at Shiloh with us. (Best show in the area!). However, I couldn't expect someone to give up a kohlrabi fest, even for pyrothechnics. :)