Food Lovin'


This is what we had for dinner last night.  

Wait.  Before I have a hoard of people after me for only feeding Hubs veggies for dinner and denying him his rightful entitlement to Meat, there WAS more!  {This is the only part I got photographed}

Dinnertime is one of my favorite moments everyday.  I love making food for Hubs and watching him goo and gah over the littlest things.  {And have a mentioned that he eats like a crazy person?!  I mean, eating and eating and eating.  It's kinda cute.  And the best part is that even if I'm making mac-n-cheese with chicken, he is excited and grateful as if I had made him steak and potatoes and salad and dessert.}  
Hmm.... I love him.

Moving on... 
So, not that this blog is turning into a foodsie blog or anything, but this little recipe I created after we got married is super easy and delish.  It's kinda like stir-fry meets spaghetti meets - - yeah.  This isn't selling it too much.  Moving on once again. *ahm*

:: Fry one pound of hamburger, drain grease and set aside 
:: Wash and slice your choice of veggies {I like carrots, broccoli, onions, zuccini and garlic}
:: Fry the veggies in a little olive oil until they are tender and lightly fried.
:: Salt to taste.  {I also like adding a special garlic spice mix from Henry's Grocery Store}
:: Stir in the hamburger
:: Pour half a can of Hunt's Pasta Sauce and warm through {This adds flavorful juice to the mix}
:: Serve over cooked pasta or rice AND maybe you could make some yummy Garlic Cheddar Bread.  Another of my brave little recipes. *huh*

See how easy that is?!  Yeah.  I thought so.   And I promise the husbands will love it!

- - - 

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