He's Cute When He's Deciding What To Eat {and other things that i love about him}


I just love this boy.  Can I just gah over him for a minute?!

This week has been blistering blazing baking hot.  Bless his cotton socks, the boy never complains.  He comes home all dirty and sweating and usually has something good to say about the day.  

Sooo on Tuesday night it felt too hot too cook I wanted to do something special for Hubs.
After I picked him up and he came home to shower, I told him to get in the car because I planned a special surprise.

Funny thing I'm learning about him.  He gets really giddy and excited about surprises.  
{note to self: surprise Hubs more often}

I took us for a wonderful dinner at IHOP, which he kindly paid for and then we took a swim at the hotel pool next door.  It was a perfect time to just B.E. together.  

- - - 


Speaking of just being together.  Last night I had to babysit these lovely darlings who stole the show at our wedding in their puffy yellow dresses and the knickers and newsy hat.  

Hubs came after work and played all night with the darlings.  Check out what a hot little daddy he's gonna be someday.   

We walked to the library and each got two books.  Ate dinner and sipped on cold popsicles for dessert.  Read stories and took bathes.  Watched an ancient Mary Kate & Ashley movie and I told Adam that I am the same age as the twins.  To which he replied, 'gosh, we used to watch them when we were little.'  {I think he was implying that I'm kinda young}

And then we had some good cuddle time after the darlings were in bed  - - something about making up for all the lonely babysitting nights I spent alone all those years.

But you wanna know my most favorite part of all yesterday?!  It was those last moments before cuddling off to sleep when we tried miserably to get comfortable in the bunk bed we are sleeping in.  (Yup.  You heard that right.  Bunks bed, baby, oh yeah! )
Anyways.. moving on.  We started talking about baby names and proceeded to laugh our heads off until 1:30 as we discussed all the wonderful potentials.  Hmmm.... these are the moments that make it all worth while.




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