How Bowling Reminds Me Of China


Did you know that long yellow buses act like metal furnaces in the middle of an Iowa July day?!  
Shocking, but true.

Yesterday I drove for a summer camp that was going bowling.  Those 45 minutes I spent in the bus to and from the lanes gave me an entirely new appreciation for Hubs and everyone else who has so work in the heat.  Gosh.  Like a burning furnace.

- - -
As I sat in the bowling alley I couldn't help but smile at the memory of camp last summer.  The hotel we stayed at had a archaic place to bowl and each week we took the kids for a once in a lifetime experience.

This is no place like you will ever experience here in the US.  The lanes were angled and walking down them to get a better vantage point for a strike was a non-issue.  The bowling balls were cracked and some even looked like someone had taken a big bite out of the side.   I couldn't stop laughing over the hilarity of it all.

And the kids?!  They loved every second.  I wish you could have seen the complete mayhem that ensued.  Kids and bowling balls going everywhere.  They were running up and down the lanes.  Throwing multiple balls after another.  The gutters were getting clogged.  And no one could remember whose turn was next.


The joy that was there in that rickety bowling alley is something I will never forget.  It's what I'm missing as camp marches forward in China right now.  It's what I'm asking you to help make happen.

Bring Me Hope has a sponsorship program where $125 will send one child to camp.  The sponsor gets a phone call from their child while they are at camp AND a thank you letter and photo.  It's such an incredible way to make these moments possible.

If you would be willing to help sponsor one or more the {last 25 kids} that need sponsoring, you can click HERE and make it happen.

I know they would hug you and tell you thank you.



  1. You do not know how much I ENJOY your blog posting again. Seriously.....x1000!!

    I'm so happy for you and your new life as a married!!! :)

  2. so you spent 4 summers helping orphans in china? what part? that is so fantastic. we lived in hunan province teaching english... so amazing.