On My Mind Today


. : I could almost wet my pants I'm so excited to move into our lovely little place tomorrow afternoon!
. : Honey Bunches of Oats on vanilla yogurt is quite delish
. : A red door in our new kitchen would make that room pop.  As would the other yummy things I plan to do there
. : Household necessaries make for a slightly boring list
. : It's kinda awkward when I realize the first and most important room I want blinds for is the bedroom {cough}
. : Hubs is such a hero to say he will work another hot day in the sun tomorrow, then move our stuff in the afternoon
. : I really think I'm getting addicted to that stupid show 'Love in the Wild' {Check it out on Hulu.com}.  Why else would I have been so excited to watch it this morning.  I am really so lame and shallow?!
. : Baskets are my new favorite thing. Ever.  Period.  End of story.  And I'm in love with all the ones from Target that I got for wedding presents.  Too bad I can't live in a basket. Kidding.
. : Kinda embarrassed it's taken me so long to work on thank you notes for said gifts.  Lame person, I am.  
. : I love coming up with solutions for our no-shower-in-the-bathroom dilemma and having Hubs think I'm smart.
. : I'm still mad at the person who broke into our new house and left their - - how shall we say this nicely - - body waste on our bedroom floor.  You are a mean person and I don't like you.
. : I miss China.  And I kinda want a chinese baby.
. : Put on long pants today and it gave me a tiny ache for fall.
. : Decided today was a good day to pack.  Way to go self, you move tomorrow!
. : Tonight Hubs and I will clean through this house like crazy, ninja workers.
. : THEN we will go to Applebees and treat ourselves to Half-Aps
. : When the worship songs from our wedding ceremony play on my fav Pandora station, I feel all warm and fuzzy and exhilarated! 
. : Thankful for a reminder from a Mars Hill sermon that stuff can become my idol in life.  Jesus, guard my heart.


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