Our Perfect Fourth


Monday was a hugely fun day on many counts.   

First of all it was our make-up date night, as Hubs was sweet and fixed our little car on Saturday, our Real Date Night.  Secondly it was Fourth of July and that is always just plain amazing.  Especially because it's the first time I've been home in America celebrating in the last four years.  {China is a fun place to celebrate too with massive bundles of fireworks you can purchase for super cheap and set off all by yourself!  True story.}  And last {and definitely most important} was our momentous first month anniversary!!  Yay for 31 days of togetherness and 31 days of cuddling every night and 31 days of making memories and 31 days of lots of awesomeness as Mr and Mrs.  

We celebrated all these momentous occasions with a stroll through a pathetic cute carnival, one half-dead corn dog that Adam got for the discounted price of $3 {wow, sir, what a random outburst of generosity *cough, cough*}, a delicious dinner of quesadillas on fresh-pressed tortillas, and play time on deserted park equipment.  Oh yes, I can't forget the drive through the uppity-uppity neighborhood where we admired houses we couldn't even afford to rent for a day.  Ahhh.....   


IMG_3684    IMG_3676



The night was finished with fireworks and the fam and awesome times as we made attempted to make sparkler messages to our special people around the world.

{Yes that's you too Mom & Pops Neesby.  We miss you guys.  AND bro and sis.  And Tiffy in Mexico.  And our pals in China who are about to start camp.  And ... and ... whoever you else people are.  You are loved and missed.}

luvuf3  f1f4  f2

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