Summer For Realz


My spring was a crazy blur of wedding plans and house hunting and all the other crazy things that happen when you start this awesome thing called marriage.  After we got home from our honeymoon I spent a lot of days laying around doing nothing.  Just trying to recoup.  
{Thanks Hubs for working hard and letting me do this.  xoxo}

But something happened on our fun Fourth of July day together.  It felt like summer started for realz for me.  Ahhhh!!  I have a feeling this is going to be the best summer ever.  All the memories we will make send fuzzies around my heart.  So here's my list:

:: Girl's weekend with my new sweet friend, Amy, which will involve lots of chocolate, shopping and talking!! {She and her husband went to school with Adam and last weekend we got to have dinner with them on our way home from our mini vaca.}

:: Eating more fresh fruit and make yummy things with it.  {Like the perfect blueberries in the garden here and the watermelon smoothies I made today}

:: Take a camping trip in our new little tent and stuffing ourselves with s'mores  {Talk about serious, quality cuddle time with the hubs in our little zip-together-sleeping-bags.  Yeeeessss!!!}

:: Go swimming with the sibs at the pool enough times to finish the tan I started in the Bahamas

::  Introduce Hubs to the epic good times to be had at the Midwest Old Thresher's Reunion

:: Take more walks in the cool evenings on these nice deserted gravel roads.

::  Cash in those flight vouchers and spend a week with Tiffy in Mexico and maybe even sometime with my bestie girls in Fallbrook.  {Ahhh more girl time!! AND I must promise myself to eat loads of frozen yogurt while I'm there.}

::  Take advantage of the outdoor movies that are playing on Friday evenings in Iowa City.  {Can someone say more cuddle time and please let's bring lots of snacks.}

:: Hopefully move in our new house and set up our house for reals this time.

{i love summertimes being married to babes}




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