Weekend Lovin'


It was seriously about 10,001 degrees outside this weekend.  And I must say I'm not lovin' it.
Ok.  Not exactly the truth.  I'm really lovin' it all.
From the comfort of our nice little air conditioned cocoon of a house.

Except for the few hours we spent out of the house yesterday, that is.  Saturday morning, the family rallied around us and helped cleaned the first floor of our {almost} new house.  
{more on that coming tomorrow}

I was in a somewhat stinky mood after cleaning in the boiling house and feeling all dirty and nasty.  I almost let said mood keep me from enjoying pool time with the sibs and Hubs, but thankfully I was able to snap out of it quick enough to enjoy the sun and water.
{Bad moods are dumb.  Why do I ever contemplate letting them control me?!}

ps.  do you see how super darn cute my brother is holding that baby?  that little guy fell asleep right in his arms.  i'm telling you, he'll one champ of a great uncle someday.  {this is not an pregnancy announcement.  i repeat.  NOT an announcement.  just in case you were wondering.}
- - -

Speaking of food - not really, but it's truly something Hubs and I talk about a lot.

I've really been hankerin' for a roasted hot dog and particular random moments the last couple days.
And since the thought of rounding up stuff for a fire, then sitting in the humidity and the clean-up afterwards made me break out in a sweat, I decided to improvise.

We had our own little roast in the comfort of aforementioned cocoon complete with smore's, country music and glasses of sparkling lemonade.

Now tomorrow is back to work ... my these weekends fly by.
Happy Monday!!!





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  1. Sparkling lemonade!? Reese's s'mores!? Sooooo yummy!
    Haha, Nicole, your writing style is truly delightful!! ("Speaking of food--not really...") You have such a gift, thanks for sharing it! I always look forward to your posts; they brighten my day. :)
    I wish that I would see you all again soon at Old Threshers, but alas, I won't be in Iowa again anytime soon. :( Maybe next summer!
    Have a great week!