When The Rednecks Come Out

Friday night was a big moment in the live and history of Adam Neesby.

The entire blasting hot week, Washington County put on the annual summer fair.  
{Brilliant timing folks, brilliant.}

The demo derby was held Friday night and so Adam and I joined the fam to watch the cars demolished.  
One point I feel needs mentioning.  I had No.Idea. there were so many rednecks in Washington County. It's like they all crawled out of the woodwork for the event.  Scary, almost.  I was hoping I didn't blend in.  

The painted cars of all sizes would line up in the arena and at the signal they would begin smashing and crunching into each other as quickly as they could.  You could hear the hick hollars of guys surrounding us when their dude got a good hit.  I leaned over to Adam at one point to mention the obvious point, "Gosh, there's a lot of testosterone in that arena!"  

Besides taking advantage of that brief moment to play hick by yelling "Com'mon now", my favorite part of the whole night {and not counting the enormous tenderloin sandwiches for dinner} was watching the pure delight on Hubs' face as those overgrown boys crashed their cars into each other.  Funny how boys never grow out of somethings.

And apparently next year he wants to get his own car and win.






- - - 

We are finally on the countdown for moving into the house!  Ahhh!!  Can't wait.  I've been pouring over blogs and books, combing for ideas on decorating.  Also trying to connive a way to add a decorating tab to our budget.  Oh yes.  And a baby tab too.  Cuz I'm gonna be an auntie in January and I'm ridiculously, beside-myself excited!!  Those teeny baby shoes and little tiny hats are calling my name.  

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!

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  1. Hey Nicole! This is my first visit to your blog and I had to say hello! You're such a cutie! Sounds like you have some busy and amazing times ahead! OXO Natalie