Blinds Are Nicer Than Blankets

Tim spent the night at our house last night.  It's kinda becoming a cool thing for us to do every couple weeks.  He's cute cuz he washes dishes and is really nice and comforts me when stove blow up in sparks and scary things like that and he keeps me company on really long days while Hubs is working.  I like having him around.

Especially when I got home yesterday afternoon from almost 6 hours of bus meetings - -  uggh, don't ask - - and there was the perfect little bedroom blinds I had ordered.  Happy day!!

Did I tell you the story of this blind-saga?!  No.  I don't think I did.  Crazy times, people.

It's been a funny journey so far this whole house-decorating-make-it-your-own thing.  At first, I have no ideas of what I want to do.  Next thing you know, I get this stoke of genius inspiration {thank you to places like Ikea.com . . . how are your Inspiration Pages so . so . . inspiring?!} and it's like, of course that how I want this room to look.  How did I not know before?!  It's really quite lovely to be honest.  Now it's a waiting game for the pocketbook to catch up with all my inspirations.  Ahhhh...

Anyways . . . back on track.  So I had this great idea to hang one of those bamboo-slat-type blinds in our bedroom.  It would compliment my dream room ideas so perfectly {more on that later}.  To make this superduperridiculously long story shorter, I found just what I wanted at Menards for the newly-married-compatible price of $25.  Only to have my hopes crushed as I realized that to get a blind long enough to fully cover our 6' tall windows, I would have to fork out $135.  WHAT?!  Do I look like a bank?!  Gosh.  Poor Hubs had to put up with my painful moanings of disappointment until I was hit with another stoke of genius.  

Do you know that Ebay is my new best friend?!  {Ok.  That AND Ikea.com.  And Pinterest.  And white chocolate chips from the bag.  And strawberry chocolate smoothies I created yesterday.  And . . . nevermind.}  Much to the delight of said pocketbook AND yours truly, I found my dream blinds, 6' long, for $25.  Thankyouverymuch.

And so as I was saying so very long ago at the start of this post - - if you are still reading my monotonous monologue - - Timmy helped me hang them yesterday.  Hmmm . . . looks so much more real and grown-up than a fuzzy green blanket.  

Now it's one down.  Only 5 more 6'+ windows left to shop for.  

PS.  Adam {and I think Tim now} is a little more jealous than he wants to admit to, of my rad pink tool set that I got as part of our couples-tool-sets for a wedding gift from our cool friends, James and Charissa.  Hubs says my set has better stuff in it than his and guys, for reals, he uses it All.The.Time.  Yay for pink rockin' it!

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