Here We Be ! ! !

So it's done folks.  We are all settled dumped into our new home and have started this awesome journey of living in a DIY-House.  Yay for blogs like Young House Love and Pinterest so I can kickstart my creative juices.

Saturday was a whirlwind of last minute packing, loading and then T H E   M O V E.  My family was absolute champion . . . champions?!  Champ?  Whatever.  Having so many siblings does wonders when there are lots of boxes to move.  Mwauh, I love them.

Our two front rooms were overflowing with all the things I have bought over the years {things that didn't go in my hope chest, but rather my hope attic, ha} AND all the amazing gifts we got for our wedding.  I am still marveling over how special they are.  It's been so fun finding little corners and cupboards to put everything in.

There was a moment on Saturday when I was carrying a laundry basket full of food into the truck that I was hit with this thought.
We are so rich.
It was overwhelming to think how many people in the world would die for just a basket of food.  Let alone a house to sleep in, with air conditioning no less.  All these other things that we were packing into the truck were excessive blessings.  Wow.  Silly how I would complain over little things like not having a couch to sit on or a refrigerator that doesn't keep food cold or a stove that almost shocked me to death today {We won't be cooking on that one anymore.  Microwave meals til we can buy a new one.  Ohyeahbaby!}  
How incredibly, unbelievably, undeservedly blessed we are.  Hmmm.

Anyways.  Yes.  What a great weekend.  What a great reminder to keep my heart in grateful surrender as we enjoy this adventure.

{I've been scrubbing this floor on a daily, if not hourly basis, since we moved in.  Just wanna kick out those other peoples dirt so we can walk on ours.}  And ps.  Don't you just adore that faux rock wall in our kitchen.  Yeeeeesss.

I am hoping to post a house tour soon.  That is, if you folks want one.  Yes?!  No.  I'm still trying to dig out from the mess.  Trust me. . . not something you wanna see.  

And guess what?!  Tomorrow is Wednesday.  Good news people, good news.  That means we are sliding down to the weekend again.  Whohoo!!


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  2. You two are just too cute together! I love your house....and yes - I adore the kitchen wall! :)

  3. YES! Do a house tour! I'd love to see it. And I'm loving seeing all your pins! I'm a little obsessed with home decorating, so can't wait! :)

  4. Yes! House tour, house tour!... you get the idea.

  5. Can't wait for a house tour!!!