House Tour: Numero Uno

My poor little bloggity-blog.  So neglected the last several days.  Never again.    Should I use the excuse that I've been too busy?!  Lame, I know.  

We spent our weekend hanging out with family and friends.  Lunch, Sunday afternoon, at the Mongolian Grill with an adorable couple we met through China.  Cutest people ever, guys. Whenever the Mrs has to leave town, her sweet Mr misses her so much that when she gets home there are piles of gifts for her.  How perfectly adorable is that?!  
Then it was straight to the park where we had our annual Chmelar cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparent picnic.  It was so hot but fun.  I came away completely inspired by my cousin who is preggo with baby three and she has a better body than mine.  Something about running making all the difference.  Guess I need to keep pressing into what I hate . . .
Monday night was a momentous occasion for us.  Our first overnight house guest.  One of Adam's good friends from college was trekking cross-country with all he and the Beautiful wife's things for there big move to MI.  Good thing he didn't mind our ultra-cozy, sleeping bag/blanket bed on the living room floor.  Humble beginnings, folks.  Very humble. 

Anywayza . . . here I am with the first half of the much-requested house tour.  I am still working through piles of {like I prefer to say in Chinese} dongxi(stuff) that is hiding in various corners of our downstairs. The upstairs, that you are about to see, will be rented out as soon as we can put a shower downstairs, a stove upstairs and fix the doors.  Tiny details, really.  So without further blubberings . . . 

The external exit in the backyard for our lovely renters.  {And no, our house is not sliding into the ground.  That's my mad photography skills at work.}

I have such glorious dreams for this porch someday.  Can't you just see an adorable little reading nook?! Or a tiny guest bedroom?!  I luuurve the wood siding that is still there.  Sooo yummy.  No.  Not the puke-pink colored walls.  Those are gross.

Through the old door is the second kitchen in the house.  Hence our ability to have two apartments.  

Through the wide door is what could be used as a dining/living room.  Don't the dark venetian blinds really set off the dark carpet that is covering my lovely wood floors?!  Hmm.  Something must be done to remedy this in the future.  {Crazy carpet people}

Down the long hall are the rest of the bedrooms and one bath AND this little servants' staircase that leads to the bathroom downstairs and further down to the outside or basement.

The bathroom boasts of one rickety, free-standing shower, a toilet that is currently torn up for a new seal and blue carpet.  {To which Adam marvels 'Why would anyone put carpet in a bathroom?!}  

The one saving grace of this bathroom are the floor-to-ceiling old storage cupboards.  Can I hear a hearty 'Amen', ladies?!  Ahhh. . . so much potential for organization in such a pitiful bathroom!

The first bedroom has this violet sponge paint and a guh-ooor-geous butterfly boarder.  Kaahh . . . I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.  Ok.  It could be worse. . . I guess?  Oh well.  Paint is such an easy, happy fix for most of my woes.  I completely adore the huge windows and all the light that spills in.

This last bedroom at the front end of the house has a similar puke color on the walls.  Do you think these people had some kinda mental problem or something?!  Seriously.  Makes me rethink white being the worst wall color.  Gosh.  
But You wanna know what I adore about THIS room?!  The massive walk in closet. . . complete with a window for lots of sunlight!  Yaay!!  Methinks Mommy and Daddy will steal this room when the Neesby babies force us to take over the whole house.  

 Thank you crazy owners, for leaving some of your furniture.  I have such high hopes for transforming these pieces into some kinda DIY awesomeness.   Then around the corner are this huge open staircase downstairs.  

I just Uh.Dore open staircases.  Especially when they have two stained glass windows letting light in.  Just to fix said puke-colored walls soon.   {PS. Do you see the little piles of stuff in corners?!  Toldyaso.}

- - - 
 There you have it peoples.  Your first half of the house tour.  Thanks for being so enthusiastically excited for us.  Such a big adventure we have embarked on.  I am excited to journal our way through it all and to have you here to celebrate the ups and downs with us.  Maybe along the way, we'll have to have some rockin' good house parties to celebrate the little milestones as they come.

Happy almost Friday people!  My favorite part of the week is almost here again.  Whoopie!!!


  1. Love the house. Puke colored walls & all. :-) Our very first house, we thought the bathroom was pink. Pink sink, pink tub, pink toilet. Then we painted the walls white and guess what? The toilet, tub & sink were PEACH! So, I giggle at your post! You remind me so much of us 20 years ago (now I feel old). Have fun decorating, painting & making this your HOME! Love ya! Deb

  2. I am totally with you on the carpet and weird color schemes, but that house has INCREDIBLE potential! It reminds me a lot of the house we lived in when I was little. Same time frame, I would guess, but yours is much bigger and nicer. So happy for you guys and all your great DIY ideas!

  3. Potential. Lots and lots of potential. You're going to make it fantastic, I just know it!

  4. I LOVE THIS!! Ahhh... I want to move in upstairs tomorrow, ok?! And I could paint and such... Ugh - so wish I could! I miss you like crazy and love you more! When Narnia is done I should have much more time to catch up... for now - I HEART U!

  5. LOVE; YES AMEN TO floor-to-ceiling old storage cupboards!!
    How are your remodels coming along?
    Yes, i'm the same one from the other house comment :)