My Saturday M.O.

I really think I'm married to the sweetest, most darling, most hard working man ever.  
It's Saturday.  Our mostest favoritest day of the entire week.  And Kind Hubs is working his little tail off to get our budget further ahead.  Such a dear.

So I'm spending my day, alone at the house.
BUT lest you think I'm some bum-of-a-person-who-never-leaves-her-room
I DID finish this little project I've been working on for Baby Niece {which I will show you all later, as the Gorgeous Mama reads this blog too.  hi, Jessica!}
AND I ate lunch with Hubs at the house.
AND I did walk down to the grocery store and bought some perfectly delicious Snickers Ice Cream
which, maybe-just-maybe, I will consume completely to myself.
DUH.  Not in one day.  Can't believe you would even think that.  More like a week.  Ok.  Maybe three days.  Or two if I'm murderously craving something sweet.  But whatever.  That's completely beside the point.

Anywayza.  That's how I'm rowlin' on this sunny Saturday.  Now I'm off to watch a movie on my 30 day free trial of Netflix. . . haha!  Watch me cancel on day 29.  Take that Suh-ckers!!
And meanwhile I'll keep fingers, toes and eyes crossed that Hubbers get off early so we can go on Date Night.  Yee-heeesss!!!!!

- - - 

Happy weekend to you, lovelies, wherever you find yourselves!!

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  1. how??? how do you always make me drool over every single post and make me stop writing the junk i write for good. makes me think of those nights where we always would write our journals in such a way to make the other sister laugh over our amusing entries. <3