Of Dreams and Courage and Such

Last night Hubbers and I saw the new movie 'The Help' with his mom.  And I must say I liked it.  I must say it inspired me.  Must say it moved me.  The way one girl saw something and had the courage to follow her dreams in way that would bless others.

I have been thinking about dreams and hopes and aspirations and all those yummy things a lot lately.  A lot.  How do little kids always know what they want to be when they grow up?!  They have their high hopes of conquering the world and doing great adventures in it.  Then something happens between high school and growing up and getting jobs and becoming responsible adults.  
{Disclaimer.  This is NOT a plug for lazy adults who live on rainbows and butterflies and big pipedreams.  'Nuf said.  Ahem.}

How do we loose that childlike dreaming spirit of adventure?!  Why did I?!
Did I quit believing I could?  That God might have a special story for me?  Quit believing that I might touch someone's life in a way that He made for only me to do?!  Am I too busy scurrying here and there that I miss the opportunities that are under my nose?

So here I am in California.  No job.  No car.  No friends at my beck and call.  
It's almost like God has put me in this little corner with my Husband, my Bible, my trusty laptop and a handful of dreams that won't stop dancing around my heart and mind.

The question is do I have the courage to chase those for His glory alone?!

- - - 

PS.  Do you like seeing my little corner where I spend most of my days in our chronically unmade bed?! And isn't that gushing sunshine lovely?  Wait.  No.  That's my poor camera skills and an overexposed window.  Never mind.

PSS.  What are your dreams?!  If you could do anything with NO FEAR of failure, what would it be?  

PSSS.  Hello to all you lovelies who have started reading our little bloggity blog!  I know you are there. . . from Australia and Germany and Israel and Ecuador and of course the dear ole' USofA.  Welcome and I hope you've come to stay a while.  We'll be grand friends, I'm sure.  


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, nics...
    sounds a LOT like where He has me right now. we should talk. LOVE you...

  2. I love this post! I appreciate your openess and willingness to share what is on your mind. He is certainly using you to reach me, for sure! I too, am considering these things. I'm about to make a major change in my life, and it's really based on what I'm Hearing, not what the world and many around me (with well-meaning intentions, I know) except. It is hard, in this time of uncertainty, to trust that it will all work out. But I know that with God, anything is possible! Hence, the connection to the post on dreams. (I feel like my inner-child has not died, but has been silenced and squashed to make room for something else. Maybe she's making a reappearance?) :)
    As for a dream I would pursue if I had no fear of failure: Dancing (like Zumba--love it!), or, oddly enough: jingle-writing. You know those annoying little commercial songs on the radio that you sort of hate but can't get out of your head? I write them for fun/ by accident & I enjoy it! Hmmmmm... ;)

  3. Nicole, your awesome! thanks for writing on your bloggity blog! We need to talk soon!

  4. Love this post. At some point, children feel the sting of rejection, the reality of fear, and they stop believing in their dreams. Something terrible happens to their childlike confidence. Love that you want to recapture that feeling and chase a dream. Visiting you from the Time Travel.