Party Planning & Blog Revamping

So hello lovelies.
Whatcha think of the new blog design?!  Ya like it?!  Huh, yeah, huh, yeah?!

After our dinner of calzones, yummy apple dessert {thank you Jess}, and Lincoln Lawyer, I listened to the three Brilliants discuss theological topics that were freakishly above of me.  Meanwhile, I painstakingly redesigned Little Blog here.  Eeeshh.  Painful stuff.  Really wasn't a fan of how it started, to be honest.  

In other news, you may or may not have heard that I'm gonna be an Auntie in just 5 months!  Whoot whoot!  Since we are here before the big move of Baby's parents, I am helping to organize a baby shower in two weeks.  Double-Triple-Whoot.  Pinterest has been my amazing helper and I'm dying to put all my inspirations to life.  

AND because I spent too much time wandering around the house looking for my computer cord to post photos of the boys making calzones tonight {quite hilarious}, I've decided instead to post the dreamy ideas for you to enjoy with me.

- - -

And for the other brilliant people who may or may not read this blog, do you know anything of coding and HTML for such blog design?!  Any great sites or books you may recommend.   It rather intrigues me how series of numbers and letters can make something to aesthetically pleasing.

AND be sure to click the follow button near the top of the page.  So much easier and accessible now that's it's visible.  {Dumb old spot before on the bottom.}

Ta-ta for now. . . I'm off to bed to rest my sore muscles from a run with Hubs and Bro tonight.  {Remind me W H Y I ran with former stars in the sport?!  Gaaaahh!!}

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  1. the chocolate chip cookie dough drops are making me drool. and you make a great point about aesthetically pleasing numbers and letters! coding is mind boggling!