Playing Parents

Do you know that Hubs is super awesome with the little people?!  True story.

You probably remember these darlings from our wedding?!  Yes?  You should.  Cuz they stole the show.

Friday night we stayed overnight so the awesome parents could have the weekend away.  Then we decided to be brave enough to pack them all up and go to the pool.  When the kids woke up from naps, it was a furry of making sandwiches, gather towels, toys and flip-flops, and buckling everyone in their car seats.  When I finally plopped into my seat, these surreal words came out of my mouth.
"Holy cow, this is going to be us in about 5 years!"

Wow.  We came away from our time with the kids having made these observations:

1. Thankfully children come one at a time.  And they start at age 0.
2. It's fun to cuddle with three extra people in bed.  But NOT before 7:00am.
3. Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are much less messy if you make them yourselves.  {One of Hub's observations. Haha}
4. Kids that aren't afraid of the water are super cool.  Especially when four year olds aren't scared to jump off the diving board into Adam's arms.
5. One day with four kids is good enough for now.  We like our Saturday morning, post-babysitting naps.

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