State Fair

Yesterday I introduced Hubs to the epic-ness of the Iowa State Fair.  It rocked his world.  
It's rather ridonkulous how many people are scurrying around to buy the next fried food or stand in line to see that tiny baby pig that was just born.  It's like midwest awesomeness on every corner.  
{He was quite impressed, especially when he saw the 1200 pound pig.  Massive people.  Freakishly massive.}

Hubs was convinced this pig was smiling and wouldn't stop talking for a long time.  
And PS.  The biggest pig - weighing in somewheres around 1200 pounds - had it's own security guard.  For reals, how awesome is that?!

This boy was so incredibly happy as he tried smoked turkey legs for the first time.  It was his dream come true. . . eating meat like a caveman!  He was moaning in delight for a long time after

As we began our afternoon of fair exploring, I promised Hubs I would eat whatever food he bought me without complaining about weight gain, calories or being fat.  Wow.  Such freedom.  We ate and walked and perused and ate and ate and ate.  I had my running list of those perfect fair foods I couldn't go home without.
It was amazing.  Including that perfectly roasted ear of corn.  Dripping in butter and salt.  Driii - pping.

Of course lots of PDA.  We have lots to do in order to make up for lost time.  Seriously.

Do you know how stupid fair rides are?!  You seriously pay mucho dinero for such a short thrill.  Or in Adam's case, this ONE game he was sure he could win.  He KNEW the tricks of the trade.
Let's just I WASN'T cuddling up with that adorable Sponge Bob last night.  Boo.

Seriously best date day in a really long time.  I hope I never get tired of being with this boy that I love.  I hope we are eighty years old and tooling around the State Fair in our trandem scooters with blinking LED lights, while I eat my weight in cotton candy and funnel cakes.


  1. Fairs are so much fun!! I love all the yummy fair food too!

  2. I LOVE state fairs and I wish there was one much closer to NYC. I'm quite jealous of you right now.