wishing every thursday was like saturday {and other important thoughts}

:: Hubs' work took the day off for a boating trip.  He took the day off to sleep in and spend with me.  It was like Saturday in the middle of the week.  Pure awesomeness.
:: The only thing tainting this awesomeness was my stupid early bus route.  Check in time: 6:25AM.  Ugggh.  
:: I hate waking up at 5:40AM and leaving the warm bed with said Hubs in it.
:: I love sneaking back home after said route and crawling back into bed with the sleeping man.  {Maybe, just maybe, an awesome make-out sesh followed.}
:: When Hubs says he'll watch a chick-flick with me, it's super maddening to you find your copy of 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' clawed to death by an imaginary cat.
:: Seester Grace turned 15 yesterday and I sang her a rousing rendition of Taylor Swift's 'When You're 15'.  You can bet your bottom dollar she was touched.  Best birthday present ever.
:: Hubs was sweet and dressed in green with me to honor said sister's favorite color.
:: I need to learn another mouth pose for photos.  Oooooooo
:: White wash cloths are dumb.
:: When I make this yummy dessert, I need to guard it with my life from my brothers and their friends.
:: I could eat Falbo Brothers' pizza til I die and I wouldn't even care.
:: Parents who have to ask a teacher to remove their child from the bus because he won't listen are . . . are . . . {words I won't say}.  Hello, Mamma.  You just lost the war on that one.
:: I miss my bestie, Tiffany.  Mexico, here I come.
:: When I'm achingly tired and kinda mad because 5:40 comes too soon, it's really adorable when Hubs rubs my back til I fall asleep.

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  1. falbo's pizza and sisterhood of the travelling pants. :) perfect combo - especially if we could hug! i love you!