{101 in 1001}

Have you ever made a bucket list a mile long, with all the things you hope to do before you die?!  Yeah. Me too.  And I better live to be one hundred and ten in order to accomplish all the things I would love to do.

Today I stumbled upon the most genius alternative.  Day Zero Project: Making a 101 in 1001 List.  
101 things I would like to complete in 1001 days - - about 2.75 years.  
SOoo much more practical.  And attainable!  Kinda breaking that massive list into tiny bite size pieces.

{Not to forget the spirit of fun in mexico, here's another snap shot from our adventures last year.  People think we are too lovey with each other.  To which we respond 'duh, we are besties and we hardly ever see each other.  So please sit down and zip it, kind sir!'  Or some nicer form of those thoughts.}

- - - 

So here's my list. . .  and you are welcome to join us for the adventures.  Cuz I'll tell you all about them.  One step at a time.  If you'd like, that is!

{what would be on your list?!}

- - - 

1. Write a letter to myself to open on our 5 year anniversary
2. Write 5 letters to 5 people who have changed my life {2/5}
3. Find a vulnerable child to encourage and help
4. Take a day for just Jesus and me
5. Leave an inspirational note in a library book for someone to find
6. Spend more time talking with Jesus

Health & Fitness:
7. Run at least twice a week
8. Do a pull-up
9. Run a 5k
10. Drink more water
11. Find out my blood type
12. Avoid gaining post-marriage weight the first year

13. Train trip across Europe with Hubs
14. Take a spontaneous road trip
15. Visit Hubs college friends in Arizona
16. See New England in the fall
17. Back pack to Havasupai Falls with Hubs
18. Float down an Italian canal
19. Road trip to see friends in Tennessee

20. Design stuffed toys
21. Open an Esty shop
22. Complete 10 Pinterest-inspired projects
23. Make awesome fall decorations
24. Create recycled bead necklaces

25. Find and make 50 new recipes {10/50}
26. Decorate gingerbread houses with Hubs
27. Surprise Hubs with lunch at work
28. Buy a ice cream maker to use often
29. Eat lots of food at the Kalona Fall Fest
30. Make menus for delish meals

31. Upgrade to a Rebel T2I
32. Attend a photography class
33. Do a 365 Photo Challenge

Hobbies & Skills:
35. Complete Chinese books 2 & 3
36. Ski a double black diamond
37. Learn to design websites in HTML
38. Take a dance class with Hubs
39. Learn to crochet

40. Go to a corn maze with Hubs
41. Make a baby
42. Go to a drive-in movie
43. Begin adoption exploration
44. Kiss Hubs under the Eiffel Tower
47. Spend the weekend at our honeymoon hotel again
48. Volunteer at the MidWest Old Thresher's log village
50. Take a hayride with Hubs
51. Take one weekend and lock ourselves in the house just like our honeymoon
53. Take a photo of Hubs and I kissing at 00:00 on the New Year
54. Visit Adventureland
55. Go to an apple orchard and pick apples with Hubs
56. Go ice skating with Hubs
57. Visit Disney again - - kiss on every ride.
58. Weekend getaway to Chicago
59. Have encouraging words and a massage ready when Hubs gets home from work everyday.
60. Take a weekend and go to Omaha Zoo
61. Watch the complete seasons of Psych with Hubs
62. Canoe trip with Hubs
63. Go back to Silver Dollar City
64. Do a huge zip line

65. Have flowers sent to my mom and mother-in-law for no reason
66. Watch Brian Reagan live
67. Send 5 random friends a birthday gift {0/5}
68. Start a business with Bethany
69. Redo the kitchen
70. Redo the living room
71. Paint our bedroom
72. Redo the downstairs bathroom
73. Become debt free
74. Write a book
75. Host a Christmas cookie exchange
76. Compliment 10 strangers {5/10}
78. Help my bro go on a mission trip
79. Plug into a home group through church
80. Build a massive snowman with Hubs
81. Go skinny dipping
82. See a midnight premiere of a movie
83. Host a big dessert Christmas party
84. Find a massive fireworks display to attend on 4th of July
85. Read 5 books recommended by friends {0/5}
87. Take my three little sisters on dates {0/3}
88. Hot dog roast on a cool night
89. Start a calendar journal
90. Host a themed baby shower
91. Make canvas prints for our house with fav photos
92. Give a Christmas gift to a random friend
93. Take one week off of all social networking sites
94. Repaint our kitchen table and chairs
95. Create a frame wall in our house
96. Send 3 care packages to sis in Mexico {2/3}
97. Do another girls weekend with Bolts and Tiff

Bloggity Blog:
98. Reach 1000 followers
100. Inspire one person to start their own 101 in 1001
101. Guest post on 10 blogs {6/10}
- - - 

{and if i've not said it enough, i am dying to get back to hubs.  a serious cuddle shesh is sounding purty darn good about now. . .}


  1. That picture is totally making me extremely happy right now! I can just hear the extreme laughter and feel the joy. Mmmhm. Reminds me of the kids in Jamaica from my mission trips there... One little dude in particular :) thanks for spreading the joy tonight...
    Nice list, btw ;)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture. So perfectly real.

    I'm also kind of diggin' the 101 in 1001 idea. Very cool. I might even be able to pull it off! :)

  3. such a darling photo! love it!


  4. I am truly impressed with this list! This must have taken some time. I love "buy a couch". I have yet to do this but probably something I have never considered to put on my bucket list.
    I better add it.

    I like how you broke it down as well. Makes it actually attainable right?


  5. Wow, this list is awesome! I really should write my own one (so you finished item 100 ;)) and if you ever come to Berlin during item 13, I would love to meet you! I'm reading your blog some time now and it's really inspiring.

  6. I love this! Now I need to make my own... hmmm

  7. well, you totally inspired me girl! love ya Nic! <3