7 Bits 2 Know & 1 Little Memory

Last night was a little hard . . .
{don't judge me for getting one day's jump start on the Friday Files ok?!  Ok.}
After work, we immediately fell into bed for a little resty-roo.
Which somehow turned into talking about work
Which quickly turned into talking about money
Which then turned into talking about our plan for paying off debt
Which accidently turned into a mini grilling sesh, courtesy of Yours Truly.
{Enter Evening-Kill-Joy}

Thankfully I am married to someone who cares about talking through the hard stuff.  Thankfully I am married to someone who sees past his own hurt to comfort and catch my tears.  Thankfully about 27 kisses, 3276 words of communication and 1 budget later, we were able to recover from one night's near disaster.  

I was reminded how much I adore this man.  How much I would hate my life if I was walking through the tough stuff with anyone else.  How grateful I am to God for giving me just the person I needed in life.  How last, but definitely not least, I am so glad that he makes such a good cuddle buddy on cold September nights.  Take that, you heated-blanket-that-I-haven't-even-pulled-out-yet!  Boo-YaH.

{here's a little flash back from almost exactly a year ago.  read about the awesome date Hubs planned here}

- - - 

Speaking of heated blankets. . . a dear adventuring girl over at this sweet blog AND my good friend who writes about her house adventures tagged us in a little game of sharing 7 random bits about yourself.  So without further ado . . . here are 7 things you should really know about us:

1. We are both firstborns.  She: from a seven-sibling-set.  He: from a set of identical twins. {Take that, you younger-brother-by-twenty-minutes-you!}
2. We have made 9 trips to China, 2 trips to Hong Kong, plus un-countable trips to Mexico. Him: 2 times to India and 1 time to South Korea.  She: 2 times to Canada and 1 time to Australia. 
3. He flies planes.  She drives school buses.
4.  He adores avocados.  She abhors them.
5.  He has the mind of a math genius. {the boy works on algebra problems when he's bored}  She has the mind of Psych. {seriously, have me close my eyes and describe this room.  and if you aren't watching the show, get your bum over onto netflix this instant.}
6.  He was a wrestling hottie in highschool and college.  She gets winded on a small flight of stairs.
7.  He can play the radio like a pro.  She has played violin for 11 years.
8.  We spent 90% of our dating/engaged relationship long distance.
9.  We've only kissed each other. . . nobody else.
10.  We are kinda pumped to make and adopt cute babies.  Just sayin'. . . 

- - - 

To keep the tagging love going, I'll pass this baton onto these lovelies:
If you decide to share seven awesome bits about yourself, link back to our blog and then pass on the love to seven more lovelies!


  1. hi hi! Thanks for posting it! Why did you go to China so many times?
    and yes, of course you could email us with anything you want! :-)
    have a great day!

  2. such a precious post. you two are super cute.

  3. I feel so inspired by your love and the deep conversations you and your husband share. Thank you so much for tagging me. You two are so cute and I love the cute picture of you too.

  4. You guys are so darn cute! Thanks for passing along the love! We will do this for sure. These are fun!

  5. What an adorable couple, inspirational post...I'll be reading from now on. You got me!


  6. Thanks for the shout-out! I will be sure to pass it on!!! xoxo!

  7. i LOVE your list. you guys are super cute. yay for adopting and makin' babies! and yay for traveling all over the place - all kinds of adventures :)

  8. and p.s. the budget talk. that is my life! i mean not all the time. but it's a recurring conversation in our home, exactly as you described it!

  9. So sweet! I love raving about my husband - what a blessing it is to have men we love so dearly! Also, I can totally relate to the evening kill-joy thing... especially when it comes to money (what is it with money?!). We have a rule in our house that we have no "serious" conversations after 11pm. Even if we're in the middle of one, we stop short at 11pm. Nothing good happens after 11!

  10. I like number 9. ;)
    Here is my "7" list:


  11. I love this! I think it's neat that you guys are both the oldest! I don't know any couples like that! I've been to a lot of the same places as you guys too!

  12. thank you nicole! i posted today:) so sweet you are.
    much love*

  13. Thanks for linking up such a cute post!! And for sharing the "real" side of marriage. The normal night-turned-money-discussion is something that I've experienced way too many times. And your list is great! SO JEALOUS of your photographic memory!

  14. Talking about money - oh, the joy! LOL You are awesome Nicole! Have a super-fabulous weekend!

  15. You guys are adorable!

  16. That's awesome that you've only kissed each other. So sweet!