Bridesmaid Time

This week is my bridesmaid reunion week. . . Girlie-Time-Overload!  Whoot whoot!!

Becca, Bethany, Christy and I spent the day eating, shopping and walking on the beach.  Sadly the beach walk wasn't long enough to work off the Chic-Fil-A AND deathly amazing Chocolate Chip Calzones from Claim Jumper.  Seriously could eat them til I die and wouldn't even care.  I love the massive restaurant choices here in California.  Iowa, will you please take note?!  My taste buds thank you.

Becca {bestie} Jessica {SIL} Grace {sis} Tiff {sis} me {me, haha} Christy {bestie} Bethany {bestie}

Then tonight, Beth and I worked out fingers to nubs trying to master the art of fabric flowers.  Dumb.  You would think that, due to the calming voice of the online tutorial lady, this would be an easy feat.  Do not be deceived.  Lies, all lies.

Our inner crafty goddesses refuse to be crushed. . . but please little cloth flower, will you kindly fold and stay in the proper place?!  Our aching little fingers thank you.

- - - 

Tomorrow I venture down to Mexico to spend the rest of the week with my Super-Bestie, Tiffany.  If all goes well, I will walk over the border, buy my own little bus ticket and {hopefully} travel safety to Tiffy's mexican home.   If you have some spare prayers, I would appreciate you sending it my way.

Also pray for Hubs.  He is lonely and working back in LA the rest of the week.  Cursed first five days away from each other. 

And another also, we got our wedding video yesterday.  We cuddled in bed and I cried my little eyes out.  What a perfect, perfect day.


  1. What a beautiful picture! Love the bridesmaid dresses & color scheme! I could look at wedding photos ALL DAY LONG! Yes, I'm that obsessed:) Yay for girl time!

  2. Wow, love the color of those dresses!!

  3. Nicole! you are the most beautiful bride and I love you bridesmaids dresses :)
    I'm sorry that you two are away from each other right now I hope that the remaining time goes by fast!

    Love, Lulu :)