Can't believe how fast my time in Mexico went.  The days in the community tutoring. The dinners when I stuffed myself with tacos.  The nights of watching shows TV from the little cable coming through the window.  The comfortable, familiar talks before drifting off to sleep.   Poof.  Over.  Done.   I kind of wish it would have lasted forever. . .

Yesterday I got to tag along while Tiffy and Alex went into the communities to invite the kids to an special event this afternoon.  The kids who live in tiny homes made from garage doors propped together. . . kids whose families live on $50 a week. . . kids who walk up the side of a mountain to get to their tiny shack that looks worse than our chicken coop back home. . . the kids who shout out my sister's name as she drives up, 'Tee-paneee!!'

I'm so proud of her.  So.incredibly.proud.  She has found her corner of the world to make a difference in.

While hiking up the mountain to a house yesterday, I thought to myself, 'Dang, this is hardcore. But this is the life.'  Sure it's lonely here. {I know we are gonna cry when I leave}  Sure it's not easy learning a new language.  Sure it's sad being away from your family.  But the payoff from the sacrifices are evident in each child's smile we saw yesterday.  

So today I am going back to see Hubs {!}  I am so glad I have been challenged to be faithful in my own corner.  Right where God has put me.  

{my fav foto from this week . . . and no, that's not a preggers belly.  just one too many tacos!}


  1. i love this photo. i love these thoughts. i love everything! when i saw on my dashboard that you had posted today, my heart lept for joy

  2. thanks seester for this post. thanks for being ok with all my emotions. thanks for telling me how proud you are of me. thanks for visiting. thanks for 22 and 1/2 years of being MofH's. i lub you!

    i think the whole world should read your blog. they need a dose of you!

    ur MofH