Favorite Colored Stuffs

Yesterday was one the best days I've had in a really really long time. . . period, hands down best.
There is something so glorious about your own bed.  Your own kitchen and dishes.  Your own windows to let in the fall breezes. Your own cozy place for cuddling.

Resembling some near to a motivated wife, I quickly dug out the living room floor.  Then it was onto all those stray boxes that were left in all corners of the house.  
{You know what this means?! House tour part two comin' right up!}
I even organized the antique tall cupboard shelves in the kitchen.  Boo-yaah!!

Hubs was super sweet and didn't poke fun once at the freakish organizing operation I was holding.  He even helped by carrying a load of boxes to the attic.  And he hung up all his clothes.  AND even took his dishes to the kitchen after we consumed large amounts of this devilshly delish snack!  
Is he good or is he some kinda gooood?!

I even did some grocery shopping last night and happened upon a coupon for two dollars off Kool-Aid juice boxes.  Of course I never buy that sugar water junk {I'd much rather spend my sugars on more sumptuous things like said midnight snack} but I thought Hubs might enjoy it for lunches.  
My chest puffed out so proudly when I realized that I was actually getting paid a whopping eleven cents to take that pack of juice boxes off the shelf.  
I mean, hello!  Extreme Couponing Show, here I come!!

- - -
Traveling Triplets
Today is an epic day over at the Traveling Triplets blog.  Go right over here and you can read all about my Australia adventures on a budget!  Hello guest post numero uno!
And ps, you'll love their blog.  It's like traveling adorableness times three.
Go check it out.  For realz, peoples.  You will regret it if you don't! 


  1. Organizing takes so much work, but it feels so good after! I love when I get an extreme sale with a coupon. I feel like rock star :)

  2. i need that brownie bar right now! you definitely deserved it after all of your hard work!

  3. ok so I actually said the words "oh wow" out loud when I opened the link to that brownie bar. Those are SO going on my list of things I must make! Really excited to see your house tour (if the little sneak peek photo of your bed is any clue, I'm definitely going to love your style!).

    life in the married lane - a little blog full of big inspiration!

  4. you rock my world with these posts. better then a soap. HEART you and your amazing wifey abilities. loveeee

  5. first time visiting ~ is it ok for me to just say i love your freckles!!! :))) so cute!

  6. can't wait for the tour! and i agree nothing better than your own bed!

  7. that's so awesome you are at the Triplets blog! I always read it and it's great to see you over there!

  8. Mmmmm...I love those bowls! We have them too. Crate and Barrel? Yes, please! Perfect size for ice cream!