Friday Files {edition two}

It's FRiiiiiii-DaY, lovelies!!!  
{anyone who's been reading here long enough knows my deep seeded adoration for this day of the week.  amen and amen.}

In case you are a brand spankity new reader and didn't see the start of this series last week, click over here to get caught up.  It our little attempt at keepin' it real here in the lovely world of blogging.  
Cuz com'mon. . . we all have those days.  And somehow it makes us feel better to know that even the most put-together-wife has her moments too.

So without further blubbers and blatherings, here's to our real life this week.

:: Wednesday was my lovely day off.  And as you can tell from above photo, I didn't get nearly enough done.  Hence the dishes left in the kitchen sink.  {At least they are clean, right?!}
:: Seriously.  Whatthewhat is going on with our bodies?!  Random bumps on my arms, poison ivy spots on Hubs face, cold sores on my lip that are hanging on with razor-sharp grip.  "Won't.Die.Will.NOT.Diiiie."
::  Unmade bed for the past . . . I won't say how many days.
::  You guys already heard about the budget talks from yesterday.  It's like we are the US government or something.  Or something.
::  Did I mentioned the dishes that are still in the sink?  It's like they prefer that over the cupboard.  Huh.  Go fig.  {May I remind you they are clean.  Yes?  Thank you.}
:: Kinda freaking out over here because of how complicated it's been getting my visa.  Hello, Mr Chinese Government!  Do you know how difficult it is to fill out your forms and print when we have no printer?!  Thanks for that change in policy. 
::  Somedays this week I walked out of the house with uncombed hair.  And no makeup.  {Yup.  Sitting here in public with a naked face people, yo!}
::  I fed my darling, sweet Husband eggs for dinner one night.  At 11:30PM.  Poor boy.
::  And last but definitely not least, I obviously do NOT know how to count.  On yesterday's post we were suppose to share 7 random things about us.  I guess I am reinventing 10 as the new 7.  Yeah.  That's how we roll.

What were your Real Life  moments this week?!

- - - 

A very exciting PS.
I was super stealthy awesome and packed the entire car last night and this morning with stuff to surprise Hubs with an overnight camping trip after we get off work tonight.  He's gonna be sooo surprised.
Bless the boy's cotton sock for his rockin' unnoticing skills.  
Makes my life so easy sometimes.

We'll report back on Monday with our amazing tales of how our little tent fares and the difficulty of finding roasting sticks in the wild and how much we completely and utterly adore being together.

{happy weekending, lovelies!}


  1. Oh I love your blog!! I am so excited to read along. I have some real life facts- just moved to France so dinner was PB&J and cereal. Haven't combed my hair in a few days and I don't even want to tell you how ugly some of this house it. But hey, I'm in France! Why are you moving to China? Sounds exciting, can't wait to hear about it!

  2. haha. i LOVE the friday files! they are just so comforting. hope you are having a splendid time camping!

  3. LOL you make me so happy. your humor is beast. yesss.


  4. Haha, I know this real life moments and especially the long to do lists on a day off. Have a fun time camping.

  5. Just found your blog through Spencer and Kylie's blog, and I like it... so I'm following you now ;)

    lol and I totally know how it is.. why make the bed when you're going to mess it up later anyway?

    Hope camping was fun :)