Friday Files {the REAL edition}

Blogging can be a funny thing.  
We get to talk about the things we love about our lives and ignore the things we don't.
We get to get dressed up in our perfectly matched outfits, with perfectly arranged hair and take those rockin' awesome photos.
We get to share the swooning stories of love from our hubbies and leave out the times that harsh words slip out.

It seems to lead us into a trap of portraying our lives to be more magical and perfect then they are in reality.  Now to be fair, I do my own share of everything mentioned above.  So I guess this is confession time for me. . . ok?!  Ok.  Phew, I feel better already.

While I'm all about building up Hubs {he really is amazing} and all about living with the glass half full, there is something to be said about pure and real honesty.  Because com'mon, lovelies, we all know that I wake up with about ten funky cowlicks in my hair and teeth that are full of sweaters.  

Here's my attempt at transparency.  So when you read all the swoony stuff, you know that I'm not quit as superficial as I sound.  We really are real people too and have our moments like everyone else.  

Welcome to the Friday Files {the REAL edition}
Where you can see a behind the scenes look where we are often less than perfect, sometimes less then sweet but always mostly always laughing .  
It's the Neesbys keepin' it real. . . right here.  Ready? Set. GO!

:: Last night Hubs and I spent a solid 15 minutes debating the proper way to make a bed.  Then I found a random toe nail in the sheets.  Lovely.
:: We only have three kitchen chairs.  They don't match.  And one rocks from side to side.  This means only single people can come for dinner.  One.at.a.time.
:: Company policy says all bus drivers must wear safety vests while on the job.  Mine is a Xtra Large and makes me look like a oversized pumpkin.  So much for my cute fall clothes.  
:: I locked our only front door key in the house yesterday.  
:: I was really stressed the last two days before our wedding.  And I barely did my hair and the house was a mess as we made 12 custom aprons as gifts for the cooks/servers.  Bam.  How's that for REAL edition photos?!
:: Sometimes on rare occasion I like to imagine this blog has a million readers and I pretend I'm writing to each of them.
:: Our living room has one bookshelf, a broken recliner and a pile of picture frames.  Don'tcha wanna come over and hang out?!
:: The only shower in our house has walls so flimsy they warp out and probably leak water.
:: I am driving bus most days.  This means we leave the house at 5:30AM and I drop Hubs at some park or street corner.  I go drive and he waits til 9am when work starts.  This story is called 'Young Couple Is Broke With Only One Car'.

- - - 

Gosh that feels good!  What about you?!  Will you share some of your REAL stories?!
And hallelujah, lovelies!  Cuz it's Friday already and that means two whole days of weekending starts in 6 hours. . . 


  1. hey hun, proud of you for keeping it real. Blogs definitely tend to only show the good stuff, sometimes I read them and feel worse about myself because everyone elses life seems perfect! then I realize that they probably have ugly stuff too, but just don't want to share it. We do more of a favor to those around us by shattering the wall of perfection, because life really is about grace anyways.

  2. Ha ha I love this. I cant agree more.
    As for real stories, I wore a hoodie with draw strings coming from the hood. This morning while changing a diaper my drawstrings dipped in the poo. I live a glamorous life. :)

    Have a good weekend! I'll be doing laundry.

  3. Wow! Got to be one of my favorites of all your posts. Not that I don't love the picture-perfect posts, because we all need some inspiration in our lives. But it's so good to see the other side occasionally and realize that we are all pretty much the same. :-) Love you bunches! As for my real story - I think I'm going to email you because it would take up too much room. The short story is that we have crazy work schedules, our kitchen table and chairs did not materialize for the first few months of marriage, and this morning I drove to work in a car that is as loud as a motorcycle and has a distinct odor of gas fumes. But life is good, we now have a place to eat meals besides tv trays, the car is getting fixed - and we are planning a 6-month anniversary getaway!

  4. that was refreshing to read. i follow several blogs that sometimes make me think "wow, my relationship sucks." of course it takes only a minute to remember that it doesnt. a lot of peeps post great stories and it seems like they have a professional photographer follow them around all day long taking amazing pics of them cuddling and going on picnics. that.is.not.real.life! so thank you and happy friday.

  5. hahahaha--- ah yes the two weeks leading up to the perfect wedding. made me laugh. great pic. loving it!

  6. LOL, so true about blogs showing our best side. sometimes i like to read blogs just to escape from life and read how everybody else's lives are 'perfect.' :))
    funny picture:)

  7. I love how you described where you live. I think I had a place with the same kind of shower in college.

  8. You are so funny and so charming! I am so glad I found your blog on the shine project!! You are amazing and I love how you are keeping it real!!

  9. Haha! Love this! I was trying to compliment my husband on his good bathroom etiquette the other day and then he left for work and I found all his toenails clippings in our bathtub!!! Oh marriage!!!

  10. oh wow something creative is in process! Thanks for saying hi! We are looking forward to reading more about you :-)

  11. Oh my gosh! Love this post! Everything you said was dead on!

    My husband and I got into an argument last night about where we were going to put the Christmas tree this year. Hello, it's only September! Heather

  12. My best friend sometimes says (as I'm yelling at my kids while we're talking on the phone), "I love that you holler at your kids. Makes me feel so much better about myself." Yep. That's me. Real life happens. And, even when you've been married for 12 1/2 yrs and have 3 kids and are on your 3rd house, you'll still have broken furniture, nasty cowlicks, and all the rest. :)