House Tour: The Second

Yesterday was pure loveliness.  A dear friend invited Hubs and I to a home church group through church.  We walked into gorgeous home, not much different than our own {except for the fact that it had furniture - ha!} and the spirit of love and fellowship that was felt instantly, was like a long lost hug from a kindred spirit.

After some peach cobbler and coffee, we cracked open Acts and had some amazing discussion, sharing and prayer.  You wanna know how I was inspired?!  I was reminded again that the hope we have through Jesus is so alive and begs to be shared with those I meet.  

Kinda like the song I sang with the radio on the way home.  'You put the light, you put the light in me'.
Do ya know how much I crave to know that my life is like a broken jar full of brilliant light that can spill out of the cracks of my humanity?!  To Hubs and the kids on the bus and the lady in the grocery store and my sister on the phone can see Jesus in me.

- - - 

In other news. . . House Tour: The Second!!  Drum-th-rowl-pu-leeze!!
{do you remember House Tour: Numero Uno?!  go check it out here so you can be up to speeeed!!}

Our adorable little entrance comes straight to the bottom of the glorious open staircase.  
Can't you just see the banisters and wide columns full of garland, lights and bows?!  
Please Christmas, come soon.  Pretty, pretty please!

The first and front room has lots of potential.  
At the moment we are taking lots of pride in showcasing the beautiful hardwood floors.  I mean seriously, how dare we think of covering them with furniture?!
*wink, wink*

Through those tall, pocket doors is our living room. . . where not a ton of living happens.  
Usually life seems to happen on a couch.  Not one broken-armed chair.
I like my nicely organized shelf though.  Oh yes.  And my mostest favoritest baskets in the corner.

Hello real-life kitchen!  
{wanted to stay true to the Friday Files . . . ok.  maybe I was too lazy to pick up before photos.  true story}

I have great dreams for this kitchen. . . as it is first on the list for renovating when the checkbook can breathe again.  You muuuust stay tune for the seriously rad redo!  It will rock.your.world.
{ok.  maybe just mine.  but for realz people.} 

This antique cupboard is my pride and joy.  
Along with the other favoritest baskets.
And my happy colored dishes.
And little red {empty} picture frame.

And here's our happy hangout place right off the kitchen.  
Yo.  Seriously best invention ever.  Kitchen and bedroom in such close proximity to each other.
Can you just imagine with me how awesome this will be when I'm like two hundred pounds preggo and I am dying for ice cream and pickles.  Amen and amen.

- - - 

Yes.  Our house needs lots of help.  And paint.  And love.  And furniture.  
But it's ours and we are uberly thankful and happily in love - with each other, duh.
Oh yeah.  We love our house too.


  1. Pleaseopleaseopleaseopleaseopleaseopleaseoplease allow me the pleasure of taking you to Sharpless and/or Duwa and/or Yoder auction sometime to score some supercheap furniture and have some superfun times. Please?

  2. gosh sister... you have the most adorable house ever! i love it. everything about it. the potential is incredible and i know you'll have your very own little {pintrest looking home} very soon! i love you and thank you for the pictures!

  3. OMG I would DIE to have a house like that! everything here in AZ is too new and non-unique... love this!!!!!!!

  4. i seriously laughed out loud when i read the caption for the last picture! toooo funny girl:)

  5. Your home is beautiful and thank you for stopping by my blog! I am loving reading through yours so far, you are too cute!

  6. your house is so beautiful and charming!


  7. Oh my goodness, your house is so lovely! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  8. What a cute little house! Love the kitchen. :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made my day!

  9. Where does one find such and enchanted home?