How To Score A Free Golf Club

Today was awesome.  We went into a small community near Ensanada and tutored the little kiddos.  
{By we, I mean, not me.  My would-be spanish is all jumbled up with another language.  Darn chinese on the brain.}  

Anywayza.  That's pretty much blahblahblah compared to this story I'm about to tell.  
{no disrespect to the tutoring and community work.  K? K.}

On our way home, traffic was something crazy-insane.  Tiffy did a great job maneuvering the big Missionary Van over the pot-hole-riddled streets and crazy drivers cutting her off.  As we stopped at a red light, we watched the freakiest thing ever.

As the light turned green, there was a momentary pause by the little white truck at the front of the line.  Suddenly the big red Jeep gave said truck a slightly perturbed bumper bump.  

Then, right before our eyes, we saw the craziest case of road rage.  The first driver hopped out of his truck, grabbed a golf club from the truck bed and gave the red Jeep a resounding thump on his hood.  Whatthewhat?!  Freak-City.

Funniest thing about the whole ordeal was this.   While angrily throwing his golf club back into the truck, the bitter driver overshot and the dude in the car calmly sitting next to him hopped out, grabbed the abandoned club and drove away.

And that's how you score free golf gear in Mexico.  Bam.

- - - 

Tonight Tiffy and I raided local grocery stores for the making of this sinfully delish mid-night snack.  Do you know how much I adore being with my bestie?!  It's just like old times.  Belting out tunes in the kitchen.  Laughing over silly jokes.  Making a mess at cooking.  

Wow.  Love it. Two more days.

PS.  I am on a steady diet of dinner at taco stands with my fav coke from a glass bottle.  And I plan to continue this religiously until the day I leave.  
And then it will be a mad dash back to the border for an epic kissing sesh with my hottie of a hubs.  Wow I miss him.


  1. I just found your blog through Take Heart and you totally tugged on my heart with Ensenada and taco stands. :) I spent a lot of time there with my youth group in high school and have such fond memories.

  2. You have the awesomest life ever! Just fyi - not that you didn't already know that. I totally literally laughed out loud about the Spanish and Chinese getting mixed up in the brain. Love you girly! You and Adam must come to Chicago sometime!

  3. Hehe. That is hilarious! I guess that knew how to get free stuff! Glad you guys are having fun!

  4. This post cracked me up! Served the road rager right to lose his club!

  5. You have the most awesome blog ever! I love you! Keep it up and soon you will have thousands of followers. :) hugs

  6. okay, now it's obvious I'm reading through your archives now, since I'm commenting on like every.single.one. Stop that. haha. Anyway, this is random, but I've TOTALLY been to that taco stand!!!! So weird, I spent one of my college spring breaks on a mission trip down there and ate there EVERY DAY. Yum! Nothing in the US can equal tacos from baja. YUM