Let's Go The Spa. Oh Yes We Shall.

I have been looking forward to this week for a REalLy.lOong.tIime.

Hubs and I both are have best friends in this family and it's kinda awesome because we would be friends forever with them, even if we weren't together.  {Cursed thought}  Adam and David have been best friends since that first year they met in China and Beth, Bec and I have been sister-friends since OUR times in China.  {You know the kind where you say, 'Hey you got something in your teeth' or 'I'm just really having a crappy day.'}

After sleeping in ridiculously late on a really nice memory foam bed {ahh. . . my back thanks me} we finally made our day's plan at three o'clock.   I.love.their.family.MO.  Period.  End of story.

We drove our little selves to their family timeshare resort and enjoyed the water for the afternoon {ate s'mores, compliments of the resort, thank you very much}, had a picnic dinner at Costco {pizza and hotdogs all the way, baby!}, volleyball with friends for what felt like twenty-five-hundred-hours {super resentful at the dumb clothes I chose to wear}, delish frozen yogurt {I live for my Fro-Yo trips in Cali} and now we end the day with a nice movie at home.

Have I mentioned we love these people and are so happy for our three more days together!?  True story.

- - - 

PS. The trip was completely funded in that first 24 hours.  Thanks for praying.  God is awesome.
Also true story.

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