Today I . . .

:: Am slaving away in the kitchen, making the baby shower dessert bar for Sunday.  Ok.  Not really.  But do you see those awesome teeny little smore cups I made!?  Cutie patootie, yes?!  I'm prepared to eat my weight in pure sugary delight tomorrow.  Mmhhhmmmm . . .
:: Am roc-King the running pants and zip-up that I've not managed to get out of yet.  Hubs, I love you and promise to dress hot for you someday soon.
:: Rejoiced that the Iowa Hawkeyes beat some little football team 34-7.  Hello college football, how I've missed you!
:: Discovered the parents have Big Ten Network with their TV package.  Can we live here for the rest of the football season?!
:: Hubs is working super hard.  Again.  And I'm super super proud of him.  {yeah.  That's not what I did, but I thought you should know anywayz.}
:: Realize that rainbow nerds are my pitiful, yet delicious downfall.  {Am I alone in the cravings that creep in for the tiny colored candy?!  Sometimes a girl just needs.sweet.now.}
:: Had a dream that one of my orphan buddies from China had a baby and I wanted to adopt her.  She called me 'Nic Jie' {Jie= big sister} in the dream.
:: Am kinda missing and wanting that baby girl right now.
:: Skyped with gorgeous sister, Tiff.  Do you know what a hero she is?!  You needa go read her awesome blog.  DO IT PEOPLES, you'll be glad you did.
:: Could kick myself that I didn't bring more fall wardrobe pieces with me to Cali.  Gaahhh! ! !  It's September and I.Want. scarves and boots and cute long shirts and everything else that makes me cozy and happy.  {Wait.  That's Hubs and I have him.  Never mind.}
:: Wish I could hug each of you lovelies.  You always make my day with your kind encouragements and comments and messages.  So consider yourself cyber-hugged.

- - - 

Enjoy your ridiculously lovely, long weekend ! ! !

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