A Trip Across The Border

So yeah, it's kinda scary walking across the border into Mexico.  No disrespect to the country, but when you walk through a clanking, rotating iron gate, it feels a tiny bit like jail.  Eeessshhh.  
Jesus was good to make it smooth and safe for me.

After walking through two scary rotating gates, I crossed one crazy street, passed a dozen men selling their taxi services, smelled 37 unique smells and finally bought one $13 bus ticket.

In an effort to fly under the radar, I wore long pants, a gray sweater and my handy aviator sunglasses.  How's that for incognito?!  
After a short hour and a half bus ride, I sat in one big waiting room.  

Until THIS gorgeous girl came running in . . . 

We are so happy to be back together again.   It's like happy dance times one hundred and seven!!  

Tiffy drove me around in the huge missionary van - - my sister drives in MEXICO!!  How awesome is that?!  She rocks.my.world.

Then we had delish din-din of street tacos and Coke from a glass bottle.  My total fav.

After a tour of Tiffy's awesome room, popcorn from plastic Christmas bowl, another viewing of our rockin' awesome wedding video {yes, tears again.  i miss hubs.}, we are just chillin' on our beds.  
Just being.  Together.  It's so perfect.  Like peanut butter is back with jelly.  Like Anne is back with Diana.  Like . . . you get the idea.

Tomorrow I get to go with Tiffy while she tutors little cuties in the local communities.  I'm so excited I could pee my pants.  Except that would be gross and I kinda want to stay here the rest of the week.

- - -

Here's a little snap shoot from last year.  When Hubs and I were together here in Ensanada with the kids from a local orphanage.  We had so much fun.  And I really miss him.  *sniff, sniff*

{love you, hottie. . . in case you are reading this.} 


  1. Your blog makes me laugh...you have such a fun personality!!! :)

    I've never been to Mexico...but went to the DR to visit one of our sponsored children through Compassion. We actually sponsor in Mexico also...and since it's close, I'd like to make that trip also...maybe one day :)

  2. The incognito look is awesome :) Being with loved ones is awesome and fun, but being away from loved ones is not so much awesomeness. That is pretty cool that you were able to give some love to some orphans!

  3. Great photos! I hear the coke in Mexico is yummy-er than the U.S. :)

  4. Great Photos! Praying that you have a wonderful trip. I look forward to following your journey.