A Typical Afternoon

This is what our afternoons usually look like.  Coffee and Cribbage 
It's such a sweet tradition that Adam's parents have.  Can you believe that almost everyday after work, they meet up to play the slightly very confusing game and whoever wins gets a foot rub that night?!  How cute.  When Hubs and I are in town, we get to join them.

I sit and drink my overly chocolate drink and pretend to lend helping advice to Hubs while we team up against the experts.  We usually lose.  And I am reminded again that we will have to have another tradition.  I'm just so dadblame competitive, that it wouldn't be the best marriage building activity for Hubs and I.

- - -

You may have noticed that I am boycotting the coming of fall - by refusing to talk about it, that is.  What?!  Crazy, right?!  Especially with how much I adore this season.  I've decided to make summer last the rest of our time here in Cali.  Mostly because I left all my cutesy fall clothes at home AND it's hard to see how the seasons ever change here.  It's 70 and sunny here.  a.w.a.y.s.  And it might possibly be my sentimental side coming out.  As it's a little sad to say goodbye to our very first summer of love together as mr and mrs.

{PS.  Maybe, just maybe, I bought a super cute pair of skinnies yesterday that I am dying to wear with my brown boots.  Hello, fall.  I can hardly ignore you any longer. . . }


  1. Aww, I can't wait to play card games with my husband when we get older, winner gets a foot rub!

  2. haha fun ... and yup i can't wait for the fall boots ... the only thing is i don;t have a pair ... looking for those perfect ones ... that aren't so expensive!

  3. Card players, eh? Ever played wild card canasta?

  4. hahaha love this post! My husband's family is so in to board games...which I kind of find boring....and confusing....like Settlers of Catan? What happened to the good ol days of Monopoly? Anyways, enjoyed your blurb about fall and the cute boots:) I love me some skinny jeans and boots!