We're Baaa-haaaakkk!

No thanks to our all time (not)favorite airline, Hubs and I are happily back home in my favorite midwest.  
It was a grueling trip. . . vacillating back and forth on the truly best decision to make - pay the $300 for a new one-way ticket or cheaper tickets in a week or road trip with Bro's car or become permanent California citizens?! - -  then the last minute laundry, ticketing-purchasing, packing at two in the morning, and short three hours of sleep.

You would have laughed if you could have seen me walking through the airport. . . my overstuffed favorite beach bag and my notsofavorite roller board with the broken handle.  Trying to pull of the cool look, I carried the 57 pound bag what felt like three miles.  Shoulda swallowed my pride and just hulked that thing up in one big embrace. . . kind of like a purple polka dotted stuffed toy.  Maybe then my neck muscles wouldn't have been in such massive spasms.

On our drive home, we stopped to watch my gorgeous little sissys' track meet.  One of my favorite moments was watching Bethie come around the corner and when she caught sight of us for the first time it was almost as if her excitement propelled her past the girls in front. . . ok.  Maybe that's a slight exaggeration of our cheering talents, but seriously.  It's like we could be professional cheerleaders of something.  Or something, yo. 


As much as we will miss Hubs' fam. . . I am horrifically happy to be back in our own little house.  So so so super spulifically happy.  Whatever.  You get the idea.  Today I may dig our living room floor out from the heaps of luggage and random stuffs.  Or maybe I'll just lay in bed . . . I seriously missed the darling thing so much.  

A little PS for you darlings!  I am so excited because I have a line up of awesome guest posts for next month.  Remember those awesome blogs that have become a fav for me this summer?!  Yeah.  You are gonna love meeting these lovelies, so don't you dare go away!!


  1. Aww, such good pics. I've sooo been there with the luggage. For the record, I say take the day and rest. It'll still be there tomorrow. ;) Happy WW!

  2. Home sweet home! Enjoy it!
    ps: I tagged you in an award-post on my blog :) feel free to just read my post, but if you re-post too that's even better! http://chestnutmocha.blogspot.com/2011/09/7-things.html

  3. love these pictures. you look so amazingly happy :)

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