Why My Aussie Friends Cooler Than Yours

{Or this post would otherwise be titled 'Why You Shouldn't Eat Cake Late At Night'}

Last night I did a terrible thing.  Just as I was getting ready to crawl under the covers to cuddle off to sleep, I got a massive craving for all things food.  Specifically the cinnamon roll cake I made a couple days earlier.  So, like a crazy person, I cut a piece, ate it and then tried to sleep.

Talk about epic fail.  It was like my mind was wired and powered to run an entire lighted circus.  So rather than lay and waste all that good brain energy, I did the logical thing and sat on the couch with my computer.  Haha.

Enter awesome Aussie friend, Pammy!!!  Do you know how perfect it is to have sweet friends who are awake when I should be sleeping?!  Perfectly awesome.

My favorite moment from the whole chat was when I went goo-gah-gah over my much celebrated 30 free days of Netflix and Pam's response was 
'Maybe that is why you are so wired and can't sleep, overstimulated by movies.'

Seriously laughed so hard but so quiet because the whole house was sleeping.  And I was reminded again how wonderful those three weeks in Australia were last fall.  Looove the people there.  They have such a heart for Jesus and sharing that with the people around them.  So inspring.

So to share a little of the love with you darlings, here are some of my fav moments from the trip.  Aren't the beaches and water and Sydney so delicious?!  Mwauh.

But you know what the very best part of the whole night was?!  When I finally climbed back into bed because it was 230freakingoclock, the first words out of sleepy Hubs mouth were 'Come into my loving embrace'.  How dreamy and cute is he?!  Even when he's fast asleep.

Mhhmmmmm.  Love that boy.


  1. love your photos! cute blog!!

    Jenna Duty


  2. Too cute! Your husband sounds like a keeper :). And I'd love to travel to Australia one day!!!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! And....I've been up chatting [very] very late with friends in a different time zone, too. Good times!!