A Wifey Day

If you were at my house today. . . you would have found me curled up in bed for an exorbitant amount of the morning.  It's the glorious day of the week that I get to kiss Hubs goodbye in the morning and then roll over for a few more sleeps.  Ahhh . . . the high life.

In case my mom is reading this - never fear - I did my share of wifey duties.
- - -
1. washed Hubs wet pile of clothes from his day of tree trimming in the rain
2. showered so I'm clean and silky soft when he gets home
3. organized a closet {ok maybe this was more like a desperate-search-for-my-winter-wardrobe-that-turned-cleaning sesh.  but whatevs.  we now have a clean closet}
4. made myself a late lunch {not that this is a wifey duty but I thought it merited space on the list}
5. thought {operative word here folks} about great dinners I should plan for Hubs
6. folded the heap of clothes that covered our bedroom floor
7. and maybe just maybe caught up on my favorite show of this fall
8. lastly, but definitely not the least, I pranced around the house all day in these super cute boots that came in the mail yesterday.  super-sweet-hot-hubs gave them as a celebratory gift for our three month-iversary.  
mhmm i love him

- - - 

Now it's off to finish the 27 other things on my list.  Oy.  How quickly these days off go.

PS.  Is this not the most darlingest thang you ever saw?!  While I was out shopping with some dear girls yesterday, this piece practically screamed my name.  Something about how it could take the bill organizing job from our kitchen table?!  
Say it with me, lovelies, love at first sight.

{stay tuned for it's new little home here and how it looks nice and clean without patchy white stickers all over}

- - - 

First guest post coming Monday!  Hang onto your skirts, lovelies, and prepare to fall in love.

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  1. i love how you have adopted {oy} into your vocabulary.