27 Hours and 3 Flights Later

Hey Lovelies!  Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and prayers since Monday.  After what felt like a million days, I finally made it to the lovely Kunming and my adorable friends who I get to spend two weeks with!

I could really feel your prayers as I traveled.  Most especially as I boarded that eternally long, 13 hour flight from Chicago to Beijing.  Wouldja believe that God allowed no one to be sitting next to me, which to this China-travelin-girl means whole-seat-to-myself-for-sprawled-out-sleeping!!  You have no idea what a gift this is.

I mean, can you imagine how bitter I always feel when they make you walk through the luxurious first class cabin while boarding the plane.  It's almost like they want to tauntingly say I hope you enjoy your deathly long flight all cramped next to a million sweaty people.  Enjoy that tiny seat, no leg room and slow service.  We'll just be sitting here, sprawled out in seats-converted-to-a-bed while sipping on champagne.  But seriously, enjoy your flight. . .

Well, you better believe I felt like I was in first class, with those whole three seats to myself. . . except for those times when the armrests dug into my back because they wouldn't go flush with the seats or the time the stewardess forgot to bring me a cup of water for like 6 hours, but really.  It was a great flight!

While on my six hour layover in the beautiful Beijing airport, I had lots of time for thinking.  And writing.  You see, I had to leave my computer at home for Hubs - which is a huge sacrifice for me, more on that later - so I was left to my books, Bible and a pad of paper for writing.

You see, I've had these potential blog posts dancing around in my head for weeks and haven't had the time to write them down.  If you could have seen me waiting for my eventually delayed, flight to Kunming, you would have seen me curled up on the hard chairs, scribbling away.  So Anne of Green Gable-esque!  
But more on that later too. . .

Then there were plenty of opportunities for missing my darling Hubs.  Like when I walked past that Starbucks in the airport and all the memories flooded back.  Memories of sitting there with Christy {my future bridesmaid} and Adam while waiting for our friends' delayed flight.  We drank coffee and talked about singleness and dating and life and then and right there was the first time I got those fluttery feelings for that Hunky Blonde. Mmhhmmm.

Then there was the realization that while traveling alone, there is no one to eat the food I can't finish. Or to laugh and tell me it's cute that I chew on my straw.  He really is a hero, ya know?!

{Don't you love Burger King meets Chinese characters?!}

Oh yeah, and ps, I ordered in Chinese and my mouth was so happy.

So it's currently seven in the morning.  It's just starting to get light outside our 8th story, apartment window. The girls are still sleeping in the huge king-sized  bed we are sharing.  And my poor little jet-lagged brain is wide awake.  
Oh yeah, and this is pretty  much the only time the lovely internet and VPN decides to work together.  Go fig.  Guess jet-lag is working in my favor this time.

I loooove being back in my favorite Chinese city.  I love hearing and speaking Chinese again.  I love going on walks around the compound.  I love making plans to visit all my favorite old haunts in the city.  I love visiting the brand new huge Carrefour {kinda like WalMart} and dancing around the isles to Chinese pop songs, getting massages in the floor model massage chairs and taking awesome self photos in the mirrors.  But most of all, I love laughing and joking and spending time with these lovelies.

As you may {or may not} have noticed, we passed 100 lovely followers yesterday!
This means two awesome things.  

One.  Hubs takes me out to celebrate with my most favorite Falbo Brothers Pizza. . . when I get home of course.  Though I did call him the minute I saw the 100 followers and asked him to please fly to China right away with the pizza. 
{Isn't he the sweetest?!  This was his idea to celebrate with whatever I wanted when we hit that number of followers!  He's such a eternal support to me.}

Second.  We celebrate with all you lovelies with this bloggity's very first giveaway!  In the next couple days, the girls and I are going shopping to my most favorite street shopping market to buy some Chinese loveliness!  So don't go far away . . . it's gonna be UH-maaazing!!

Number Three. Nothing really. Okloveyoubye.


  1. Glad to hear your trip is going well so far! Prayers headed your way. x

  2. ooo well when I am getting through my two flights to Nepal next week I shall think of you and having 3!! That is crazyness!!
    I am glad I found your blog before this little trip so I can follow it!! So...does China count as 'the other side of the world' when in America? Its all about the Aussies in England!

    I hope you have a wonderful time anyhoos! :)

  3. You are out there doing good...you better believe God will bless you with a row of seat all to yourself!!!!

    Safe travels. I look forward to more pics!

  4. how fun that you're in china! i lived in singapore for a year. love the asian culture! praying safe travels for you!

  5. That is just awesome! Enjoy your time there! :]

  6. Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad I found your lovely blog. Those balloon pictures are sooo cute! And yes, I'll email you and we'll get a button swap going on (yahoo!).

  7. Ooo can't stand the digging armrests, but what a beautiful airport to have waiting on the other end! BIG ol blessings to your travels, how long are you in China?


  8. I love your blog!
    I hope you have a great time in China, and post way too much! :) When I was reading this post I was kind of hoping it wasn't going to end :o

  9. Wow! A whole row to yourself? That was definitely a God gift. :-) Sounds like your trip is going pretty well. I'm excited to read your journals and I hope the internet will cooperate so we can read what you have to say. Enjoy your time there. The 2 weeks will go by fast. Love ya!

  10. I am happy your trip is going well so far! And you were so lucky you got a whole row...those long flights are killer!

  11. You make me miss it... my heart hurts when I see the pics... spend many hours in that airport myself!

  12. that is TOO sweet that he is supporting you in your blogging and came up with that sweet surprise once you reach 100! i love that! :)
    so glad you made it safely. looks like you're enjoying your time there, so glad. :)

  13. glad to hear your trip is going well so far!! nice to meet you! :)

  14. whew! what an airport! and i thought atlanta was big... ;) glad you made it safely....

  15. this is so great! i just stumbled on your blog and aside from it being really cute, i'm glad i found it now since i'm planning a trip to china!! can't wait to read about your adventures.