Campy Love

You wanna know what Friday night was like?!   Take a check at this:

'Hello Husband.  This is the way we Chmelar's do camping trips. 
What?!  You ask why we set up our tents long after the sun has gone down?!  Why there was no firewood in the trunk?!  Ahhh. . . you see, we love to do things in a slightly erratic fashion.  Something likened to throw-all-your-tenting-stuffs-in-the-trunk-and-hope-like-crazy-you-dont-have-to-make-any-walmart-stops.  
But I promise you that we'll have fun. . . even if I have a slightly teary breakdown before setting up in the dark.  And we'll make memories and maybe just maybe I will rock at being a pioneer women and cooking you dinner AND breakfast over the open fire.  Okloveyoubye.'

Yeah.  So our camping trip was something kinda like that.  But it was awesome.
And we invented a new technique for staying warm at night - besides the obvious zipping of sleeping bags together.  Take one massive fuzzy blanket and stuff it INTO your joint bags.  Nothing like Hubs arms and grey fuzzies to keep you warm in a 30 degree night.
 And I learned that Hubs has rad tent-setting-up skills.  Like a ninja, that boy is.

S'mores and hot cocoa for breakfast.  Amen and Amen.

Also you must know that Hubs has this natural ability for looking hot while making his oatmeal in a cup or brushing his teeth and spitting in the bushes.
{I'll share a little secret if you promise not to tell. . . we went the whole entire camping trip without making one trip to the gross campground bathrooms.  Don't ask where or how I peed after two cups of hot cocoa.  Or where our toothbrush spit landed.  It's like we were made for camping or something.}

Gosh I love this boy.  He is my super awesome comforter when I'm down.  He makes me laugh when all I can think about is crying.  And he is my biggest encourager.
I am eternally grateful to Jesus for giving him to me.

- - -

You may find it of curious note that tonight Hubs and I walked to our regular haircuts.  I was like a brave girl from some hero movie and finally made the plunge with a new style. . . 
Eessh. . . I feel like I'm 12 all over again. . . 



  1. ahhhh camping! My huz and I used to go all the time but we got so busy this summer we only went once. I miss it sooo much!

  2. You guys are too cute. LOVE camping...I avoid the bathrooms at all cost also.

  3. s'mores and cocoa?!?!? guys, you rock!

  4. this looks like tons of fun! it makes me wanna go camping but i never get to go. :\ this post had me smiling the whole way through :)
    p.s. you gotta new do?!? can't wait to see pictures!

  5. this post made me all sorts of happy :) I grew up camping and backpacking with my family, and i LOVE it! But haven't quite got all the gear to go and camp with my hubs...I need to change that soon :) Joint sleeping bags are one thing we do have though! brilliant idea with the big, cozy blanket :) And i loved reading how how your ninja-like husband set up the tent after dark so you'd be warm and dry...and *cheers* to embracing nature and letting lose in the woods ;)

    I'm new to your blog and am excited to follow along :)

  6. glad you had a fun adventure together. ;)

  7. Ah, I've been DYING to go camping. What fun! There is nothing better than camping, hot chocolate and s'mores!

  8. smores and ho-cho for breakfast is the ONLY way to go if you ask me. love that you did this trip. one time my friends and i planned a camping trip WAAAY in advance - we planned it in september but the first weekend everyone was free to go was the first weekend of december. it was eight degrees that night, but we did it anyway and it was sooo worth it!

  9. Man I've been dying to go camping! Especially with the lovely change of seasons, it's high time for some roughing-it:) Looks like you guys had fun.


  10. I love camping. I may just have to have a s'more for dessert now and pretend ;)

  11. Ummm...was that a peanut butter cup in the s'more? Even if it wasn't, you have made me want to try a pb s'more now!

  12. yes! after trying reeses in smore's i will never go back.

  13. I want to hang out with you guys!! And steal your smore idea!

  14. Y'all are such a cute couple! And now I really want smores...and to snuggle in a sleeping bag. ;)

    Thanks for linking up!