A Day In China

 Our days are pretty laid back here. . . but we decided you would like a photo journal on one day, no?!  Smile and nod and here we go.

- - - 

Jet lag is dumb.  As is the fact that it's pitch dark outside and six in the morning and I'm wide awake.  Buuuut this is usually when I blog 
{if presh internets are working together with the VPN, ahem.}
or call home to Hubs or just lay in bed to try and convince myself to go back to sleep.

After the girls wake up . . . usually long after the sun has come up, we conjure up some lovely breakfast with out limited chinese ingredients.  This morning it was pumpkin spice french toast.  Sounds delish, no!?  It was.  And I was pretty proud of myself for dreaming up the recipe myself.

Melt the pumpkin spice marshmallows I brought from home in a cup of milk.  Pour into french toast mix.  Be awed by pure amazingness.

The rest of the morning was spent with school for the girls, reading for me and general lazy laying around in the sunny living room.

Even before arriving in Kunming, I've been aching for some delish ju rao jiao zi. {pork dumplings}
They seriously are one of my top fav foods.  Along with a bottle of the chinese Coke {better than American}.
And all for a whopping $1.50.

And oh yeah, we prayed over the dumplings as we walked up to the restaurant and again after I finished eating them, that no tummy ache would come.  
Still totally worth it. . .

 Then it was the short walk to the bus station to catch bus 56 to Wang Fu Jing.  My favorite downtown.
We crammed on the bus and took tons of self photos.  Like we were tourists or something, duh.  I mean, how else can you distract yourself from the thousand sweaty bodies all crammed around you?!  Yeah, I thought so.

The first store we went into was our very own Kunming H&M!  How super cools is that?!  Cool because I was actually finding clothes IN China that would fit me. {cute chinese girls and their teeny waists and stature}
Cool because there were actually cute things rather than funkytown styles.
And even more cool because I found this totes-adorbes dress on clearance for 150RMB {$about $24}

It's dreamy and soft and silkly and is totally a gift for Hubs.  Aren't I a nice wife to buy him things he'll like while I'm traveling abroad?!  Yeah, I thought so.

We also visited the chinese version of Toys R Us to spotlight our awesome hula girl skills.  We went to my favorite market and picked out the awesome giveaway surprise!!  I hope you are exciiiiited. . . cuz it's totally lovely and it's coming the first part of next week!  Whootwhoot!

Then finally we took our tired legs and fed them dinner at KFC.  I know, how very chinese of you, you say.  But if you could try the amazing, China-exclusive Mexican Twister Wraps, you would abandon the noodle shops too.

Then it was back to bus 56.  Then walking around to kill time before Miri went to youth group.  Then Lulu and I walked home, dodging cars and bikes and walkers and dogs and scooters and zooming buses.  

And the moon was perfect in the dusky, Chinese sky.  

Thanks, Lovelies, for being so sweet and supportive of my previous post on why I blog.  You have no idea how my heart was touched by your support and love.  I am blessed to know you.

Two little orders of business.  
First, silly me on neglecting the contact button.  Guess it was one of those things I forgot to add when I redesigned a couple weeks ago.  Until I can rectify the situation, here's how you can get a hold of me:

Second.  I am planning to start a button swap next month with any of you lovelies who would be interested.  I think it would be a great way to mutually help grow our little bloggity spaces.  Your button would be displayed on our 'Swap Some Love' page and you would have the opportunity to contribute to a group giveaway here once a month.  
{This would be anything from your personal shop, blog or whatever you choose, if you'd like of course!} 
Plus I'll have little blurbs about each of you on a monthly basis.

If you'd like more info, shoot me an email, lovelies!

Happy weekend to you.  And please go cuddle your special someone, in honor of us who can't.

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  1. I'm so confused!! I thought you were doing a humanitarian type thing in china, and that's why you were asking people to donate money to fund your trip there? Or am I thinking of something else ?:/ lol

  2. Oh I see!!! Thanks for clarifying!! Well, in that case, it's awesome what you're doing :) BTW- love your blog <3

  3. the dumplings look amazing. stopping by from the followers fest, i'd love for you to visit my blog and check out the huge giveaway going on- http://thelovelypoppy.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-follower-giveaway.html xoxo, nicole

  4. wonderful morning recipe,wondering about the taste now,lol
    love your look,so beautiful and enthusiatci
    romwe kisses

  5. Say hello to your newest follower! I found you through Followers Fest, and I love your style--not just fashion, but everything, including your faith and your awesome spirit.

    I do hope you'll stop by and say hi!

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

  6. Beautiful pictures. It makes me miss traveling :)

  7. that food looks amazing. china has KFC too?! so does jamaica! all of us americans think that it tastes better in jamaica than it does in the U.S.! :)
    your sunny living room there looks so nice and relaxing. :)
    have a great weekend nicole!
    p.s. hurry up monday!! can't wait for your giveaway!! ;)

  8. Love the white dress, and all the pictures! Sounds like a great trip so far!

  9. Looks like you're having a great time, Nicole! :)

  10. I love your blog and all the memories it brings back to me. Like the Chinese Mexican twisters at KFC :-) I personally love beef and carrot jao zi, but any kind is pretty awesome. In the north they dip them in a soy/vinegar/garlic sauce and it's amazing!

  11. that's great! thanks for sharing!! like a little online tour! :-)