Dear Baby

Dear Baby

Guess what?!  Even though we don't know each other yet, I kinda really love you to pieces already.
Which is a funny thing because your daddy and I just got married four months ago and we haven't even started the process of bringing you home.  But I still think about you a lot. . .

I wonder what adventures we will have to take to find you.  How excited we will be when we see your picture for the first time.  What your story will be.  And most of all I think about how many happy tears I will cry when I get to hold you for the first time.

I can't wait to cuddle you for hours on end. . . to kiss your chubby cheeks. . . to give you baths with tons of rubber duckies. . . to watch your daddy throw you up in the air and probably freak my little mommy heart out. . . to take you to the park and zoo and skiing and pretty much every place Daddy and I love. But most of all, I can't wait for the day we get to be a family.  That day when we will belong to each other for forever.  

So wherever you are right now, maybe already born and waiting for us or just a happy thought in God's mind. . . know that Daddy and Mommy are loving you already and can't wait to meet you.  Because no matter what anyone says or does to you, you are perfect just the way you are.

Love, Mommy

- - - 


  1. this was the sweetest letter! thank you so much for sharing... oh and love your pictures :)


  2. made me wanna cry! and quit writing the junk.... you know the rest. heart you seester!

  3. aww this is so sweet!! So true too... this is totally how you feel when you are waiting for your little one to come. thanks for sharing!! xox

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  4. "...Because no matter what anyone says or does to you, you are perfect just the way you are."

    What if your child turned out to be gay? Would they still be 'perfect just the way you are' then? Or would they be imperfect, in your eyes?

  5. what a beautiful letter! I can't wait to write letters to my future baby.