Dear Hubs

It's Sunday here in China.  I am painfully reminded how much I miss you.
I miss our normal Sunday morning routine.
I miss when alarm goes off and we completely ignore it for more cuddles.
I miss rushing around the house to get ready. 
I miss grabbing our breakfast to eat in the car.
I miss laughing over how we are always late for church.
I miss how cute you are when you say sorry for making us miss worship.
{you do know how much i love it. . . and how we try to be a few minutes earlier than last week.  thank you for that.}
I miss our church appropriate cuddles.  I miss scratching your back during the message. . . cuz I know how much you love that.
I miss the little neck kisses you sneak when no one is looking. . . or even if they are looking.  You don't really care.
Most of all I miss just being with you.

Jesus reminded me this morning while I was sitting in church, that my relationship with Him comes first.  Even more first first than you.
As much as I hatehatehate being away from you for two weeks, I know God is using it to remind me of this truth.  To remind me that serving Him and being available to be used however and wherever He would choose, is the most important thing in life.  That is where true happiness is found.  True joy.  True peace.

Thank you for believing the same thing.  Thank you for loving Jesus more than me.  Thank you for supporting me while I'm halfway around the world.  Thank you for staying home to work hard for us.  Most of all, thank you for choosing me and making me your wife.

I love you with my whole heart, soul and body and can't wait to be back in your arms again.

your wife


  1. this is SO sweet! what a sweet tribute to your husband! these sweet thoughts remind me of my good daddy. he does all the same for me. {except for the cuddle part;)} we are so blessed, aren't we?

  2. This is so beautiful and sweet :)

  3. What a beautiful tribute! Husbands are the best blessing in life. And you guys seem so sweet and lovely together!

  4. So sweet. I'm glad God is comforting you with your love for Christ while you're away from your husband. What a wonderful blessing!

  5. This is such a sweet post. I have been catching up on your blog, seeing what its all about and I have to say, I enjoy reading it, a lot! Hence, me follwing it : ) I admire you for being so strong in the gospel, isnt it the most amazing, best news on the earth today? stop by my blog sometime : ) Have a great week!

  6. I love expressing how I feel through words. I think it is fantastic because they can keep reading it. Lovely!