Friday Files {edition five}

::  Booked my ticket for China late on Wednesday night.  Then I crawled under the covers, all close to Hubs warm side and had a good long cry sesh.

::  While trying to unclog my adorable little kitchen soap dispenser I managed to spray green dish soap all over my brand new white curtains.  Smooth move, Ex-lax.  How ya gonna clean the dumb things with their built in wires and supports?!  Guess we'll have to chance the kitchen colors to green.  Whadaya do?!

::  Learning new skills at work.  Sometimes it's hard to be humble.  To get things wrong.  Yet good for my soul. . . I think?!

::  Pretty sure my husband cleans a better bathroom than me.  Go figure.

::  China has a way of bringing out the best moments.  Take for example above photo from summer camp 2010.  Nothing screams real life like messy hair, oversized tee shirts and a face fulla acne.  Hello, China, how I've missed you.

::  I think I've had muffins, pop tarts or english muffins for about 10 straight breakfasts the past two weeks.  Why is healthy is so hard when life gets busy.

::  Somedays I wonder when people are gonna get tired of reading what I have to say on this little bloggity blog.  Now. . . no now. . . NO then!

::  Spent a solid 5 minutes crying on the phone with Hubs after a hard day at work.  Then I stopped by his job site and I felt instantly better as he said, Wow you are so sexy.  I mean, that should make you feel better.  It makes me feel better.  Gosh, I love this boy.  Makes me laugh, he does.

::  So I pretty much think my body is in freak out mode right now for some unknown reason.  Cold sores, bumps, rashes, the whole nine yards.  Hello, you little immune-system-of-little-strength, you.  Please stop.  You are scaring the little children.

::  My awesome work uniform.  With pants that are too short, a hat that barely fits my head, and footwear that looked like moon shoes.  This is pretty much the most humbling and real part of my life right now.  Amen and amen.

- - - 

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The Neesby Lookbook

And seriously, lovelies, happy friday to ya.  
Even though I kinda cheated and took the day off work.
It's like Friday came early this week, whootwhoot!
What does your Friday look like?!



  1. pretty sure EVERYONE cleans the bathroom better than me haha I hate cleaning a nasty bathroom. anddd have fun in China!!
    Lovely Little Rants

  2. Hey, Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Loving your bloggity blog! Very sweet!

  3. LOVE YOU! and chin up my dear! i need to remember that too. because i would be having a totally long frustration crying sesh with you right now if i could. super excited to hear about what God does and how He blesses you for going to China. You rock my friend. hugs

  4. aw. nicole. you are so sweet. love ya girl. <3

  5. haha I love eating poptarts for breakfast. Not the healthiest thing, but whenever I want to treat myself, I grab one.

  6. aw, have so much fun in China!!!!! that's so amazing, and i am completely jealous. and don't worry, ever since i got married i have come to find that mr. taylor enjoys and is better at cleaning everything than me. go figure...
    xo TJ

  7. Don't worry about it. I literally have a bagel smothered in butter with a diet coke EVERY morning for breakfast. literally. Epitome of health over here!