Friday Files {edition four}

::  Spider bites all over the arm are annoying.  As is paying $60 for a doctor to tell you that.  And if the steroids don't take it away, it could be lupus or something. . .  gee, thanks doc for that uplifting conversation.

:: I have this new habit of cleaning things when I'm stressed.  Last night I cleaned the bathroom, swept the kitchen floor, washed the dishes and did laundry.  Then I vented to Hubs and cried and he held me all sweet and then I was better.  {it was almost that easy, but not quite.}

::  Not knowing when I'm leaving for China is kinda stressing me out.  Could go tomorrow.  Could go next month.  Oyy. . . be patient, my little impatient heart.  Wait.  Trust.

:: To the people I silently judged who left dishes in their sinks overnight.  Forgive me.  I often join your ranks.

:: Sometimes I miss my sister so much it hurts.  I only want one afternoon to just hang out.

::  Thankful for God's grace in my moments of ugly pride.

::  I had high hopes of making these amazing cinnamon roll pancakes for dinner on Tuesday night.  After burning them onto two skillets, I threw it all away and heated up leftovers.

:: The thought of taking a third part time job to make ends meet, is seriously depressing somedays. . . especially when the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM.  Hello world.  I am not ready to meet you yet.  

:: Our awesome outtakes from the balloon shoot.  Yes.  We are real people too and I luuurve Hubs dramatic kissing face.  Oh yes.  And his big muscles.

:: I'm super thankful that I'm finally starting to like my new hair cut.  It's about dang time.   And I'm also super thankful for all your sweet words yesterday about our house.  Sometimes I get caught up in what I want to do and can't.  That's when I need to be reminded to thank God for what He's already blessed us with.  So thank you for that, lovelies.  So glad to know ya. . .

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  1. cinnamon roll pancakes?! get out! sounds amazing. maybe you can make them again soon:)
    said a prayer about your trip to china!
    happy day!

  2. I wish I had the habit of cleaning things when I'm stressed! Suuuuuper cute pictures!

  3. i love the outakes, you two are cute. and cinnamon roll pancakes sound amazing.
    (i accidentally wrote "mancakes" and that just sounds weird)


  4. So with you on the third part time job. Although for me and Kelton it's one part time job after our full time jobs. CRAZY! But worth it when the check comes in.

  5. omg soo cute these look like they're right out of a magazine!! thanks so much for stopping by :) I'm your newest follower <3

  6. Was reading through this blog and there's so many things to relate to! Your one comment to me brightened my day and completely turned some emotions around for me. I appreciate it so very much. It holds true to showing that one person can make a difference.

  7. i just love this balloon photo shoot!!