Friday Files {edition three}

:: Our bedroom garbage is a happy blue flowerpot that was on sale for three dollars at WalMart.  Why would I pay twenty for a real one with scrollies on the side?!

::  I think we could probably get rid of our closets and dressers, as we currently utilize a wonderful little thing called a Floordrobe.

::  I should be happy that I saw the sunset on the way home from yesterday and the sunrise this morning?!  Psstt!  I'm a little bitter about that.

::  While walking out to a bus to run the route I committed to drive this morning, I was called by my boss who was reminding me about the field trip I committed to ALSO drive this morning.  Hello, stupid, what do you think planners are for?!

:: Am I the only evil person on this universe that is still working on thank you notes from our wedding?! I guess if you really hate me you could come get your gift back . . .  I promise they are coming to a mailbox near you soon.

::  When people ask me if I am just sooo excited to go to China next week, I smile and tell them yes.  But secretly I feel sick to my stomach and cry when I think of being without Adam for two weeks.

::  The humbling sesh God has me on with my current hair cut. . . oh yeah.  Don't forget my puffy swollen eye I've had for the last two days.  Huh?!  Oh noooo, this slit of an eyelid is too-tally normal.  Part of the overall look, yo.

- - - 

There ya have it, lovelies!  Our real life moments from this week.  I'd love to hear all about yours!
{and ps i'm considering starting a link-up party of Fridays to celebrate all our moments. . . whatchya think of that?!}

I hope you have a super wondrous weekend.  We will be spending ours trying to store up lots of cuddle time. . . and maybe, just maybe, we might get the house cleaned and bed made.  
Maaaay- beeee. . . . 


  1. Hi Nicole! I have been reading your blog for awhile now but I don't think I've ever commented... I found your blog via facebook - my husband Jesse went to ERAU/Chi Alpha with your husband (I think Jesse was a few years behind Adam, maybe?) and they are facebook friends, and so I ran across your blog that way, and it is so darling! Love it.

    I really appreciate your transparency in sharing all this! When I read your thing about thank yous, I knew I had to share: we honestly took about 11 months to finish sending our wedding thank yous. It was pretty mortifyingly ridiculous by the end of it (like, "so, remember that wedding you went to ages ago? well, thanks for the gift!" haha), but such a relief in the end. One thing that worked out nicely is we ended up including a photo of ourselves in with the cards, and so people kindly commented on the photo and not on our tardiness. So, I think you should just set a goal of 10 months and then you'll know you're at least better than us! :)

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Hope you have a great weekend!

    - Kelly Sipan

  2. girl, you've got a year on the thank yous. not that you want to take that long... but don't sweat it! :)

  3. True confessions: We never did get our wedding thank you's all sent. Got pregnant on our honeymoon and sort of rolled into the whole 'morning-sickness-exhaustion-overworked-oh-my-goodness-this-is-really-happening-labor-never-sleeping-infant' stage. It's kind of a blur. A good blur, mind you, but a blur nonetheless. I did complete all of my thank you's from Rachel's baby shower, for what it's worth...

  4. I love the Floordrobe. And, hey, how convenient whenever you need something!

  5. Love the idea for a Friday Files link-up. It'll be just as cool as Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!

  6. awww, how sweet! i'm sure adam will miss you too! :)