Goodbye Peeping Neighbors. Hello Lovely Curtains.

Remember all my amazing plans for several weekends ago?!

Wouldja believe that I actually accomplished my entire pretty much most of my list?!  Be in A.W.E.  It was seriously pretty awesome.  Especially considering that this weekend, Hubs and I are taking a tiny little getaway.  How sweet is he to surprise me with that?!  

Anywayza, back to the accomplishments.  One of the best parts was FIII-nAlllyyyy getting the lovely roman shades hung in the kitchen.

Remember the three gapingly open windows in our lovely faux-rock-wall kitchen?!

As much as I adore having all that sunshine that used to poor through the unadulterated glass, I much more adore being able to run our little bums around the house at night without fear of creepy neighbor stares.  

{Do you know how difficult is it to stumble around your house in the dark?!  Com'mon over and check out my bruises, yo!}

Little side note on hanging curtains.  It is really a good thing no one can see what happened between the 'before' and 'progress' photos above.  My curtain-hanging-skills are something like this:

Hold curtain to window
Level to the neked eye
Maybe pull out the pink level if I'm feeling exceptionally thorough.
Place bracket on molding.
Try to screw in with Philips screw driver.
When that is too hard, take one finish nail and hammer it into the screw's spot
Pull out nail.
NOW screw the bracket in place by hand.
Maybe repeat this process if I feel it merits two screws.
Never screw in the 27 screws they include in the box.
Force curtains on bracket.
Step back and tilt head/squint/cross eyes until it looks perfect.
Apologize to Hubs for uneven holes in the molding.
Promise him I will never build a house.

Moving right along. . .
Since we are on the subject of curtains and I'm in a particularly grand mood today, take a gander at the changes to this room.

Remember these three gaping windows in our living room?!  And oh, don't forget to notice our lovely furniture selections or rather lack thereof.

Tadaaaaaa!!!!  We now have two leetle sheer panels on the middle window, along with big plans for the other two.  Well, that's kinda a lie.  I am still deciding on the perfect curtain arrangement.  These are big decisions to make, yo!  Nothing you can rush into by just dashing into the nearest Curtain Mart and purchasing the first one you see.  It begs much thought and planning and detailed thinking through colors and fabric and creativity.  Amen and amen.

Oh yeah.  We have a couch.  Which makes us officially feel like grown ups now.  And it's awesome.

- - - 

Happy weekending lovelies!


  1. Oh Nicole! It looks grand! Those curtains are so fresh looking and lovely. I approve. ;)
    Have fun in y'all's getaway! (can we hear about it when ya get back? Maybe a picture or two too? :))

  2. Hanging curtains is hard work! I remember putting up all our curtains...not fun. Yours turned out really good!

  3. Curtains can make a big difference. Looks great!