{Guest Post} Casey Wiegand

Hey Lovelies!
You are seriously in for the biggest treat of your life today.  Casey from over at The Wiegands has an incredible blog where she tells all their stories of family, love and their big dreams.  She loves Jesus and her insanely gorgeous family. . . so I know that when you read what she has to share, you will be blessed to your fingertips just like I was.
And then hustle your buns over to her blog.  Seriously people.  Do it.

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I recently posted about being a bit overwhelmed. I am a stay at home mama trying to run an art studio, paint (my "job"), answer emails, phone calls, my blog....all the while putting my husband and kids first.

I am a people pleaser. and I am failing bad.

I have so many untouched emails. Countless un-returned phonecalls. I am trying to run multiple businesses all while being a stay at home mama.


 So I guess what is overwhelming me is the "un"ability to keep everyone happy. My dream come true is to be a wife and a mama. My kids really are my world...probably a little bit too much at some points, but they are. And so staring at my phone all day to keep up with emails or ignoring them while I return a list of voicemails is not working for me.

So balance. How do we do it?

I am learning. Perfection doesn't happen. 

My relatiohsip with Jesus and my family comes first....and as long as I keep my eyes upward then I should be fine. My sweet friend Jessi said 

"What should your hands be diligently working on and ask Him to help you accomplish it to His glory. "

perfectly said.

Thankful for grace. I need it. And I need to remember to be quick to give it as well :).

"When you decide to live out what you believe. When you decide you want peace in your possession, then you will find out what that looks like & feels like. You begin to pray for God to give you peace. You incorporate peace in your relationships. You decide to respond differently. You speak in love. Act in tenderness. You imitate what you know about peace until it becomes a reality for your character & your life."

I would LOVE for you to check out 
my blog !!! 



  1. Oh I love her to pieces, and her transparency in her posts. In everything she shares.

  2. me too. Balance is so hard sometimes. New follower:)

  3. New follower to your blog! Thanks for having Casey over for a visit...her words always touch my heart and make me strive for more! I LOVE the "intro" to your blog...marriage is forever and babies are something to celebrate in our home too <3

  4. new follower! love casey's blog, she's amazing. excited to follow along with yours!

  5. great guest. love her words and her honesty.

  6. wow she has pretty hair.
    just catching up on my reading your blog nicole...
    you. crack. me. up.
    okayloveyoubye. ;P

  7. Love it. Balance is so hard. I think it's something I have to learn every day.