Hi, I'm Nicole and I have P-Problems

It's a pride problem really. . . just wanted to get that off my chest and off your minds.  
{yo.  it's not like i'm talkin' about bodily fluids or anything.}

Yesterday was a bus driving day.  
We dragged our little butts out of bed at the ungodly hour of five fifteen.
I dropped Hubs off at another random corner.  {read that story here}
And it was onto the bus and my early rounds to take the kids to school.

Everything was going along swimmingly, until some interesting chatter started on the radio.  
Something about a student who was not picked up, then another driver who volunteered to circle around and take him to school.  Next the poor driver can't find the child.  Then can't find the school.  Pretty soon management is being called out to help her out of a tricky backing situation.  Poor lady, having all her business being spoken across the radio for all 100 drivers to hear.

I was going along, minding my business.
Approach stop.
Warning lights on, check.
Place bus in park, emergency brake on, check.
Check for traffic to stop, check.
Open door for student, check.

Like pesky flies, thoughts flitted across my heart.
Huh, shoulda had someone fill in who knew where they were going.
Gosh, Nicole, get ahold of yourself.
Lucky for me I know where that school is.
Poor thing, I would be so embarrassed.
So glad I'm really good at proper stops, railroad crossing and pick ups.
God, help me stay humble.
Hmm. . . I should have done that pick up.

Wow.  That looks even worse in writing. . . tell me you can relate, no?!
I am so thankfully for the gentle Holy Spirit convicting me, tugging my heart to walk in a humble way.  Fighting that constant, jumbling war on my Prideful Self.
Oy, I have so far to go. . . 

- - - 

Since it's a day for honesty, I also have a pizza problem.  From this little corner shop where two hugs slices and one cup of Coke cost a whopping four dollars.  Yeah.  Pretty much I counted my last pennies in my personal spending envelope and indulged one last lunch yesterday.  Too bad the money's gone for another week and a half.  

Hello, lunches of granola bar and apple and chips.
*whispers*  I'll be back you awesome pizza place, you!

 PS to all you lovelies new followers.  And you sweet dears who left so many nice words yesterday. So happy to have you along for the adventures!!


  1. GIRL I can relate. Total prideful person over here, it's actually pretty pathetic. I am pretty sure we're not alone...

  2. ummmm--- that first picture is actually quite amazing. not only do i LOVE the main subject {you} but i love the fact you can see the other busses outside plus the inside of the bus and and and... tis amazin! <3 you!

  3. Your camera takes amazing pictures. And I feel for the woman on your radio who's business was being spread to every bus. You would have thought that by now there would be a way to limit those walkie-talkie things.

    ps- found you on bloglovin'.


  4. You've got some lucky kids who ride your bus :) And you're so sweet...we've all been there. I know I've had thoughts come to my head of "I could've done this or that better than _________" or "If only I was given that job/assignment, I would've done it right." And you're so right, listening to the Holy Spirit and it's promptings to be humble, and understanding of others imperfections...it'll come back to us when thankfully others are understanding and patient with our short comings. (hope that all made sense:) And I hope that whole situation with the child and the bus worked out!

    And that pizza...oh girl. Now I know what I want for dinner tonight :) Hope you get another slice for lunch soon!

  5. We all have a long way to go... lovely blog.

  6. I love you and Falbos annnd... Nicole, you are just amazing. For real. You inspire me so much. I love you!